It's All For You

AN:  This started out as a lighthearted romp *snort* but Kev got all mushy on me and then it was out of my hands. *grin* He's responsible for what ensues.

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   "It's All For You"

All my girls at the party, look at that body
Shaking that thing like ya never did see
Got a nice package alright
Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight...
   "It's All For You" ... Janet Jackson

Kevin had to laugh, the first time he'd actually listened to the words of this song he'd choked on his drink. Now they were in Howie's condo for one last party before the second leg of the tour when the song played again and the next four minutes would be forever burned into his memory. Sure, they were several drinks beyond what should have been their limit, but up until then it was no different from any other pre-tour party they'd had over the years.

The condo was wall to wall people... friends, family, record company reps ... but when Nick took to the dance floor, Kevin saw nothing else.

Damn .. when had he grown up? Scratch that ... he knew. He could remember the exact date and time, and he was damn glad, because the thoughts that held him captive right now could have gotten him prison time less than a year ago. And how come he never knew what a dead-on impersonation of Janet Jackson that Nick could do? It was a scream.

Kevin leaned against the doorway, smiling that big brother smile he had perfected over the last seven years while sweating internally. It was an art he was attempting to perfect ... remain cool and calm while mentally envisioning all the ways he could make Nick scream his name or vice versa.

*... got a nice package alright ...* Oh yes, damn nice. Quite impressive as a matter of fact. If those chicks on the internet only knew ...

*... guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight ...* His eyes met Nick's and Nick smirked. He knew exactly what Kev was thinking and was playing him like a finely tuned Stradivarius.

He watched Nick bump and grind to the music, one of the tour dancers pressed against his pelvis, and was insanely jealous. They swayed together, rotating sexually and just as Nick pushed against her ass, he locked eyes with Kevin.

* ... it's all for you ...* Damn right it is, but not soon enough.

The music ended to the raucous applause of the guests as Nick and his dance partner collapsed onto the plush carpet.

"Where's Kev?" Nick asked, finally having made his way through the crowd to the bar.

"Dunno ... he wandered off that way," Howie waved toward the patio doors, turning back to his guests.


The tangy salt breeze was warm tonight; it was the one thing Nick missed when he was on tour. The confines of a bus, the endless venues, the landlocked cities in which they performed ... it almost made him claustrophobic. The sea was in his blood; it represented freedom and it was his refuge when the world turned against him. It never failed - ten minutes by the ocean and he had his perspective back again. He knew the other guys would probably laugh, but the water and the salty air were his connection to a higher power. The sheer vastness of it all humbled him.

As did the solitary figure standing by the water's edge.


"Hey ... you disappeared."

"Needed some air, I guess."

Nick smiled. "I'm guessing that's not all you needed..."

Kevin smiled, saying nothing.

"I could read your mind you know." Nick moved closer, almost, but not quite, touching him.

"It wasn't difficult Nick." Kevin picked up a shell, making a pathetic attempt to skip it across the waves.

"Aw, man, this ain't the creeks of Kentucky ya know, stuff just doesn't skip on the ocean." Nick laughed as he attempted one last time.

"Stranger things have happened, Nick." He turned, looking deep into Nick's eyes.

Nick cleared his throat. "Yeah, I suppose you're right about that. Who'da thought, huh?"

"Certainly not *me*." Kevin laughed. "C'mon, let's walk."

They walked for a half mile or so down the darkened beach, with only the sliver of a new moon to give them light. Eventually the sounds of the party faded away and Kevin spoke.

"Kiss me."

Nick inhaled sharply, took Kevin's face in his hands and did just that. His mouth moved slowly, seductively over Kevin's, his lips parting briefly to allow his tongue to seek entry. Kevin groaned, opening his mouth to Nick's and they stood together in their own little world, locked in their embrace.

Kevin moaned, breaking the kiss. "God, I've missed you."

"It's only been what ... three days?" Nick laughed, hugging him tightly.

"Three days too long, squirt."

"Squirt?! Shit, Kev, I haven't been called that since I was fourteen."

It was Kevin's turn to smirk. "I dunno ... after that performance on the deck of your boat last weekend it seemed appropriate ..."

If there was light, he would have seen Nick blush. "You're a bad man, Kevin."

"You love it."

"I love *you*. There's a difference."

Kevin caught his breath. "God, you kill me when you say stuff like that."

"It's the truth."

Kevin wrapped his arms around Nick, their foreheads touching, their hearts beating wildly. "I need you."

"I need you, too. Kev."

"No, I mean I *need* you. Now."

"What about Howie-"

"Damn, Nick, let Howie get his own guy. I can't go back in there like this." He took Nick's hand and pressed it against the bulge in his pants.

"Ouch." Nick laughed softly.

"Funny, Nick, I'll get you for that."

"Promise?" He squeezed Kevin gently, loving the way his eyes closed as he tilted his head back. It showed off the delicious expanse of his throat which put altogether too many more ideas in his head. Leaning forward, he pressed soft, moist kisses down the line of Kevin's throat, finally sucking at the pulse point.

Kevin shivered. Taking Nick's hand, he pulled him even further down the beach to a darkened lifeguard stand. "Perfect. C'mere."

Nick was beyond playing games. He dropped to the floor, pushing Kevin down and covering his body with his own. He pressed his pelvis against Kevin's, rubbing his erection against Kev's. As one, they groaned.

"More ..." Kevin whispered as Nick pushed his shirt off his shoulders, licking the newly exposed skin.

Nick kissed his way toward Kevin's waist, deftly undoing his pants at the same time. As he pulled Kevin's pants over his hips, he sat back to watch as his erection sprang free, swelling even more in the humid night air. He licked his lips, and bending forward, took the entire length in his mouth. It was Kevin's turn to scream.

Slowly, so damn slowly, Nick worked his engorged flesh. Pulling his mouth almost completely away to nibble at the tip, he licked at the moisture that formed there before plunging his mouth over him once more. He felt Kevin tense beneath him and would have gladly pushed him beyond his limits, but Kevin had other plans.

Kevin pushed Nick away, rolling him over and straddling his hips. Rotating his naked body against Nick's denim-clad hips was quite possibly one of the most erotic things he'd ever felt.

It was also one of the most erotic things Nick had ever *seen*. Just to be there, beneath Kevin, and to see how ready he was ... for *him* ... God. "Help me." Lifting his hips against Kevin's, he struggled to remove his pants, and Kevin scooted toward his ankles, more than happy to oblige.

"God, Nick..." They were both gloriously naked, the moist salt air making their skin tingle. Kevin gazed at Nick's arousal, not moving.

Nick spoke softly, "It's all for you, Kev."

"Just like the song?"

"Yeah," he whispered. "Just like the song."

The pause was interminable, and then Kevin moved. So carefully, he moved over Nick, pausing just long enough to take him in his mouth, sucking gently and making him wet. "Nick?" he whispered.

"Yeah, Kev, c'mon." Taking his erection in his own hand, he held it steady as Kevin lowered himself, sinking onto his body inch by amazing inch.

Kevin held his breath, waiting for his muscles to relax against the still unfamiliar intrusion and suddenly there was sweet relief. The initial discomfort gave way and it was heaven. Slowly he raised and lowered himself, gratified when he felt Nick swell within him. The feelings were amazing and never lasted long enough; it was always over too damn fast. Faster and harder they moved, and as they neared their climax, Nick wrapped his hand around Kevin's erection.

His timing was perfection; the motions of his hand were completely in tune with the tempo of their bodies. The glorious tension built and built and kept on building until they could no longer hold back. With a cry that was swallowed by the ocean winds, Nick came, flooding the tightness of his lover's body. As his body pulsed within Kevin's his hand continued to pump steadily against Kevin's length, sending him to the same heavenly place as he spilled himself over Nick's chest.

They lay together, their breathing becoming still as the waves lapped the shoreline.

"We gotta go back soon," Nick whispered.

"In a minute. I'm not ready to leave you yet."

"They're gonna wonder ...

"Let them."

"See you at rehearsal tomorrow?"

"Umm hmmm. Just watch where you shake that thing from now on, it's gonna get you in trouble."

"I'm counting on it," Nick grinned.

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