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I enjoy writing, and it always amazes me that others enjoy what I do.
Thanks to those who have voted for me. Your support humbles me.

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Best Damn Beta Award!
This probably means more to me than any of the others.
added 6-8-03



We won!


We Won!!!!!

Go read it!

  Go read it!

Days of Thunder Fanfiction Awards, Season Two

I won!

Nominated in the Following Categories:
Best Novel
Best Series
Best Howie

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Nominated in the Following Categories:

Most Memorable Marriage Proposal - Prelude to a Dance
Most Memorable Reconciliation - Nick & Becca, "The Dance"
All Time Favorite Love Story - Series: "The Dance"
Favorite All-Time Love Story - Nick: "Second Best"

How cool!

My "Nick Vignettes" won an award!

[Backstreet Reads]
Winter of 2001 I received a "Backstreet Reads" Excellence Award!

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