I have found a kindred spirit ... someone who loves this song as much as *I* do! This one's for Mel.

"Bad Boy"

for Mel

4 p.m. Yes! Nick was gonna be so surprised! Kel actually let the staff go home early today, and Mel had major plans. It was bad enough that the Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday this year and no one got a long weekend, but the prospect of working her regular hours just made it worse. Somehow Mel had used her best puppy dog eyes and convinced Kel to send everyone home two hours ahead of schedule.

"Nicky, I'm home!" she called out as she bumped the front door open with her hip, her arms weighted down with party food. "Nick?" Still no answer. Struggling to keep her balance, she barely made it to the center work island in Nick's massive kitchen before the first bag broke, spilling lemons and limes everywhere.

Mel giggled as she chased the errant fruit around the floor, NOTHING was going to destroy her good mood today. And where *was* Nick, anyway? Very curious. The guys were all coming over tomorrow to celebrate the Fourth, but tonight was theirs and she was planning an early start. Giggling again, she poured herself a wine cooler and set off in search of her man.

She looked upstairs ... nope, no Nick. She looked in the studio ... nope again. Outside? Maybe. As she neared the French doors, she heard singing. Yup. Outside.

God, he's beautiful. She sighed. Leaning against the door frame, she simply stood and watched. His back to her, he was oblivious to her presence as he methodically swept the leaves and other debris from the pool. "Sweetie, I'm home," she said again. And then it dawned on her ... he had his walkman tucked into the waistband of his swim trunks, and mini headphones tucked into his ears. He'd never heard her call his name.

Moving quietly to the patio swing, she sat down to watch him work. She loved to watch the play of the sun on his tanned, sweaty skin; the way the breeze ruffled his hair; the way his swimsuit hugged his ....

Damn, girl. She took a deep breath and a long swallow of her drink. It was then that the wind caught his voice as he sang along and carried it back to where she was sitting. She choked, spewing her Seagram's cooler all over her legs.

No, he wouldn't .... would he? Well, no, not if he had any clue that someone else was around, listening and watching. God, she wanted to die and so would *he* when he realized she was there. This was going to be good. She sat back and watched him seal his own fate. Life is great, she smirked.

He continued to sweep the pool and she continued to watch the muscles in his arms ripple with the effort. Mel's eyes sparkled with merriment as she listened to him sing along with the cd, so blissfully ignorant of her presence.

"If you want it to be wild, gotta know just who to dial baby, that's me..."

Mel snickered.

"If you really like it hot, get someone who hits the spot honey."

He shook his ass in time to the music and Mel was laughing so hard that the tears were spilling from her eyes.

"And if you wanna get it done, babe you gotta get the one, the one who's got it going on.."

Oh yeah, she thought with an evil grin, work it, Nicky!

"If you wanna make it last, gotta know just who to ask, baby it's gotta be the best..."

Time to make her move.

"If you want it to be good girl, get yourself a ... bad boy."

On the last two words he thrust his hips in time to the music, just as Mel wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Fuck!" he yelled, lost his balance and pulled Mel into the pool with him.

Mel surfaced several feet away, laughing hysterically.

"What?" he glared at her, pushing his wet hair out of his eyes and tossing his soaked walkman to the pool deck. "A guy can't sing along with a cd?"

"Oh God, Nick," she chortled, "singing along with YOURSELF?"

"So? So what?" he pouted, slapping at the water and splashing her.

"Aww, baby ... don't be mad," she cajoled, inching closer.

"No, don't try it." He moved away from her, backing up toward the wall. "Damn, Mel, you scared me half to death."

"I'm sorry, Nicky."

He snorted. "No you're not, and don't call me *Nicky*." He glared at her and it was then that he noticed her clothes. The fall into the pool had been very revealing. Her white t-shirt, now soaking wet of course, was plastered to her body and had become completely transparent. His eyes narrowed as he plotted his revenge.


"Hmm?" He slowly brought his eyes up to hers, not missing an inch along the way. "Cold Mel?" he smirked.

"No, why-?" And then she blushed. His eyes had traveled back to her chest, and were staring at her breasts, clearly outlined beneath the wet material, her nipples erect. So maybe this wasn't a good day to go bra-less ...

"Meeelll ...." he sing-songed softly, moving closer to her, turning their direction so that she was soon trapped between his body and the wall of the pool.


"Shh." He leaned closer, nibbling along her neck and Mel shivered. "See?" he whispered, "I knew you were cold."

"Am not," she argued. *I'm getting hotter by the minute* "Oh!" She whimpered as his tongue touched her ear, outlining the shape and then pulling the lobe between his teeth. He hummed as he toyed with her ear and a violent shudder wracked her body.

"Easy Mel ..." He continued his minstrations on the other ear, his humming finding words as he sang, "And if you wanna make it last, gotta know just who to ask, baby it's gotta be the best ..." His hand found her breast, cupping its firm weight as his thumb and forefinger tugged at the nipple. "And that's me." His mouth met hers and she opened to him, desperate for his kiss.

His tongue swept inside her mouth and she met it eagerly with her own, her hands wrapping through his sandy blonde hair. Nick put his arms around her small back to hold her closer as they kissed, his hips pushing anxiously against hers as the water slowed their movements.

Mel moaned as his hands found her bare back beneath her shirt and massaged the tattoo at the base of her spine. God, he knew that put her right over the edge ... "Nick-" She pushed him away, her eyes wild with desire and he quickly pulled the soaked t-shirt over her head and off, tossing it up on the pool deck.

He hesitated, taking just a moment to look at her, before licking a trail down her chest and swirling his tongue over her nipple. She whimpered as he caught the bud between his teeth and pulled gently, a rush of warmth spreading between her thighs.

Reaching between them, Mel ran a hand over his length, hard beneath the thin fabric of his swimsuit and smiled as he groaned against her flesh. Without missing a beat, Nick slid one hand benath the waistband of her shorts and plunged it into her wetness. They stood wrapped together, pleasuring each other until Nick felt her tense against his hand. He slowed his hand, calming her, bringing her back down just a bit before pushing her shorts down and off and leaving them to float in the pool.

Spanning her tiny waist with his hands, he lifted her up and out of the water to sit on the edge of the deck. Her legs still dangling in the water, Nick pushed her thighs apart, seperating the moist, pink folds with his finger. Slowly, maddeningly, he traced over her skin, finding the hidden bud and pressing against it, back and forth.

"Ohgod... Nick, please..." Mel held his head, trying in vain to direct him where she needed him the most.

He kissed the hollow of her hip as his fingers continued their quest, two of them dipping inside as his thumb circled her clit.

"Nick," she whimpered, so close ...

"If you like it innovative, better get someone creative honey..." he whispered, and his mouth found her. One long, slow lick from bottom to top and then he sucked her between his lips, his long fingers plunging deeply into her heat.

Oh god, the combination was too much. His lips... his tongue ... his fingers ... Mel exploded against him crying out. Nick drew it out as long as he possibly could before shedding his suit and lifting himself out of the pool and over her body.

"If you like it innovative, better get someone creative honey," he rasped, entering her fully and rocking against her. "This good, Mel? This what you wanted?" Deeply he pressed forward, stroking slowly and almost pulling out completely before filling her once again.

"Yesss-" she hissed, the delicious feelings building once again.

"C'mon, Mel, do it." Reaching beneath them, he lifted one thigh higher around his waist, forcing himself much deeper. "And if you want it to be jammin', gotta get somebody slammin' baby." Harder and faster, both reaching for completion.

"Ohhhhh ... Nick .... god!" Mel's pleas were continual, so great was her need. "More ... more..." And her body snapped. Her entire being contracted around him and if she could have pulled him completely inside her she would have.

"Baby-" Nick trembled as the waves of pleasure washed over him and he spilled himself into his lover.

They both lay there panting, one on the hard concrete, the other risking serious sunburn in very unpleasant places. And then Mel giggled.

"Bad. You're bad, Nicky."

"Yeah, I'm your bad boy," he drawled, pulling her back into the pool for seconds.


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