Author's Note: Lynne, never say never!

Nick wandered about aimlessly. Damn he was bored. How come *he* had to hang out here waiting for the repairman to show up? Because Kevin had more important things to do, he thought with a smirk. Great. He just fucking assumes that because I'm the youngest I don't have a life?

He sighed, the sound echoing through the empty house. He hated it when Kevin was right.

Lacking anything else of substance to occupy his time, he flopped onto the couch. He lay there, his thoughts wandering aimlessly until somewhere in the back of his mind a soft "pinging" sound registered. It was erratic, but just loud enough and often enough to become annoying. Nick got up to investigate, following the sound as it became closer and closer.

Aha! Kev left his computer turned on, and had forgotten to turn off his email program before catching his pre-dawn flight to the West Coast. The sound Nick heard was Kevin's new mail alert. Damn, he's popular today, Nick thought. Never one to pass up an opportunity, Nick moved the mouse over the new message section. Two from his mother, how sweet was that? Six porn sites … and Lynne. One from Lynne, with the heading *LMAO!*.

Looking around guiltily, Nick clicked open the email and began to read.

LMAO, Kev! No way in HELL would I consider going out with him, not even on a dare. *shudders* I don’t care if he DOESN'T have a date for the award show, you can get some other flunkie to escort BBB, I mean … Nick. *giggles* Good thing he doesn’t know what I call him, huh, Kev? Big Blonde Bimbo…LMAO. Okay, gotta run. Later!

What the fuck?! Kev was trying to set up his best gal-buddy with HIM? No way. And wait a minute, just what the hell was so bad about going out with him anyway? Nick smiled as a plan began to form. With a grin, he clicked on 'reply' and began to type.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two nights later he found himself standing at Lynne's door, his tux neatly pressed, his hair freshly trimmed and lightly sprayed in place, and a tasteful bouquet of spring flowers in his hand. Pushing his wire-rimmed glasses up higher on his nose, he pressed the doorbell and waited. And waited. Damn, maybe she'd figured out what he'd done and had bailed on him. Maybe-

"Hi, I'm sorry, I- Nick?"

Lynne had a shocked expression on her face that should have amused the hell out him, but there was something underlying it that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

To say that Lynne was shocked would have been a gross understatement. She looked Nick over from head to toe, taking in every gorgeous inch of him. Damn, where had THAT thought come from? Shaking herself from her thoughts, she realized he was speaking to her.

"…and so I came instead. I hope that's all right. I mean, I know you had your heart set on going with AJ, but …" Nick grinned inside. She was speechless. Score one point for the BBB.

"Umm, no. I mean, sure. I mean … what I meant to say was …" She took the flowers he held out to her. "These are beautiful. Thank you." Pressing her nose into the blossoms she blushed, trying to find her sanity and her voice.

"You look lovely tonight, Lynne," he said graciously.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Let me put these in water, grab my wrap and we can go."

Nick followed her inside as she bustled around the kitchen looking for a vase. He watched as she picked up her evening bag from the end table and began looking for her wrap. Quietly, he stepped up behind her, draping the emerald green silk around her shoulders and smiling as she shivered. "Here you go, it's supposed to get cool out tonight," he whispered in her ear.

"Thank you," she replied softly, turning to look up into his eyes. Big mistake. God, why had she never noticed how blue they were? Even behind the glasses he wore …. Wait a minute. "You're wearing glasses tonight!"

He smiled. "I scratched a contact last night. Until I can get a replacement, I need these so I don’t run us off the road."

"Oh. Good idea," she concurred. "Shall we?" Linking her arm in his, they set off down the front walk to begin their date.

Date? I am NOT on a date with Nick Carter. I am NOT. I am … Hell, I'm on a date with Nick Carter. She sighed as Nick held the door open for her, giving her a hand up into his Durango. Like a true gentleman, he made sure her dress was tucked in before closing the door and climbing into the driver's seat.

In record time they were on the Interstate, heading toward the north side of the city. As they drove along in silence, each stole surreptitious glances at the other.

So far, so good, Nick thought.

Not half bad, Lynne thought. He cleans up better than I would have imagined.

Gloved assistants at the arena helped them both from the vehicle as cameras flashed from every direction. Lynne thought that she should be annoyed by the fact that she would be tomorrow's hot topic of conversation on the internet, but for some bizarre reason she just couldn't get worked up about it. She watched as Nick smiled for the cameras and said all the right things to the reporters, and managed to smile right along with him. Turning toward the main entrance, he put his hand on the small of her back to guide her and she shivered at the possessiveness of the action.

Nick simply smiled as he led her to their seats, completely aware of the appraising glances cast their way, and knowing how stunning they looked together. He guided Lynne to their reserved seats, taking her hand as she scooted along in front of him. As they settled in, the lights began to dim. There was no reason to, yet he kept hold of her hand. Nick was amazed that she didn't pull away, but secretly pleased.

He had meant it when he said she looked lovely. Her dark blonde hair was piled high on her head, tiny tendrils escaping to curl over her bare shoulders. His mouth watered as he began to imagine his lips brushing over all the exposed skin and he shifted in his seat as his trousers tightened inexplicably. His eyes lingered on her luscious, berry colored lips and he restrained a groan as her soft, moist tongue peeked out to moisten them. Her skin was flawless and her eyes … were staring right at him as he watched her. Grinning unrepentantly, he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles gently before turning his attention back to the action onstage.

God, Lynne thought, he'd been undressing me with his eyes. As she thought more about that, her face heated and she was suddenly short of breath. She squirmed in her seat, avoiding his eyes and not seeing the triumphant look on Nick's face.

He barely left her side at the reception that followed, leaving only long enough to refill her champagne glass. The rest of the evening was spent either with his arm wrapped securely around her waist or her hand held tightly in his and she didn't seem to mind one bit. Every so often their eyes would meet and they would smile at each other, a smile that seemed to block out the rest of the world for just a brief moment. Lynne was lightheaded and not entirely sure it was from the champagne.

The crowd was beginning to thin when Nick leaned closer with a request. "Dance with me?"

Dance? Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. He'd be close, they'd be touching, it was dangerous. "I'd love to."

He took her in his arms, the music was slow and sensual, and gracefully they moved across the dance floor. Their bodies instinctively knew what the other was doing and as trite as it might have been, they were poetry in motion. The music faded into silence, yet they remained locked together, both their eyes and their bodies, until someone bumped against them with a hurried apology.

"Time to go," Nick whispered.

"Yes," she agreed with a nod, "it's getting late."

They said their goodbyes, and in a silence charged with electricity, made their way to Nick's vehicle. Not a word was spoken until they were standing at Lynne's doorstep, and even then both were hesitant to break the spell.

"I-" It-" They spoke in unison, and then laughed.

"You first," Nick offered.

"I had a nice time tonight, Nick. Thank you," she said shyly.

He tugged her wrap up over her shoulder from where it had slipped. "I did too, Lynne."

"Umm …"


"Oh," she stammered, shaking her head. "Nothing."

"I was gonna say I was sorry AJ had to bail out, but that's not really true," Nick said. "I'm glad we had this chance to be together tonight. I enjoyed it immensely."

"Me too."

The silence was becoming strained and awkward.

"Well ..." she said.

"Yeah…" he replied. "I guess I should …"

"Me too."

He turned to go, but turned right back around. "Lynne?"

"Yes Nick?" her door was open, but she turned also.

"Do you kiss on the first date?"


"Oh. Well, goodnight." He turned once more to leave.


"But what?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

"This wasn't really a date, was it?" Lynne smiled at him.

"I guess it wasn't," he grinned. "At least not in the technical sense of the word." He walked back up to her door.

"So…" she said tipping her face up to his.

"So …" he replied, his mouth just a breath away from hers.

The tiny gap between them closed as both of them moved the fraction of space necessary to touch. Nick's mouth rested softly against her lips and they sighed in unison at the sweet contact. His arms wrapped her in a tender embrace as his mouth moved persistently over her own, coaxing her lips apart and allowing him entry.

Lynne held on tightly, tilting her head slightly to better receive his kiss.

God, what a kiss. He never touched her anywhere else except where his arms were, but as they stood on her front steps in the moonlight, he made love to her with his mouth. How long it lasted was anyone's guess, but finally they broke apart, breathless.

"Wow," they sighed before laughing, their foreheads touching.

"Nick, tonight was … wonderful. I underestimated you."

"Can I call you? See you again?" Nick rested his palm against her cheek, stroking her face with his thumb.

"I'd like that," she whispered with a smile.

"Good night, Lynne."

"'Night, Nick."

A soft kiss was pressed to her forehead and then he was gone. Lynne watched his taillights disappear around the corner before going inside and locking the door. As she passed the mirror in the entryway, she saw her reflection and stopped to stare. Who WAS this person in the mirror? She looked happier and more content than she'd been in who knows how long, and all because of one date; a date that never should have been. Who knew? She laughed, turning off the lights and practically skipping up the stairs.

Clicking on her email program, she typed a quick message.

To: Boo71
From: KevsFan2

Kev, had a great time tonight. Ask Nick about it. LOL! And remember that BBB b.s.? Never mind. LMAO! 'Nite!

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