Casual Encounter

"Casual Encounter"

By Bec, for Kel

They were gorgeous. Absolutely, without a doubt, drop-dead gorgeous.

It was nearly closing time, and I was stuck tending bar for my sister at Club Paradise in downtown Ft. Meyers, Florida. We had this twisted arrangement ... she blamed me for bringing her down to Florida and getting her stuck in this 'sleazy dive' as she lovingly called it, so when she got the flu guess who got to fill in as bartender? Yep. Me, the big sis. *sigh*

Anyway, as I was saying, it was almost closing time when they strolled in looking as if they'd been poured into their jeans, their jackets tossed casually over one shoulder. They were a magnifent contrast. The younger of the two, a tall blonde, was sturdy in a husky sort of way. His hair was tousled and looked as if he'd just had the best fuck of his life. For all I know, maybe he *had*. But I digress. His companion, just about the same height, was dark and lean, his shaggy hair constantly worrying his eyes. More than once I watched him rake his long fingers through it in a vain attempt to push it back.

For the better part of an hour I watched them, secreted away in a corner booth. Every so often the blonde would smile and his eyes would light up. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have him look at *me* that way. Their heads would touch as they strained to hear over the music coming from the jukebox. Of course, usually we had a band but tonight was their night off. Just something else to make my night bearable, I thought wryly. I sighed in frustration, wiping down the bar.

"Something wrong?"

Startled, I looked up into the most haunting pair of green eyes I'd ever seen.

"Ummm ... no." Good, Kel. Stunning conversation for a college graduate. "Ummm .... can I help you?" Shoot me now before I die of mortification.

He just smiled and held out a handful of bills. "Change. I need change for the jukebox."

Blushing furiously, I made change and watched his hips sway as he sauntered over to the Wurlitzer in the corner and dropped coins into the slot. The music began and damned if he didn't pull his friend out onto the dance floor with him.

Quite a show they put on. As late as it was, there were only a few of us left, but we watched. Damn, did we watch.

They moved together as though they'd been doing it for years and just the synchronicity of their moves made me catch my breath. Ok, so my mind went places it shouldn't have gone, but you'd've gone there too. The look in their eyes ... God, their eyes never strayed from each others' and when the music ended they embraced.

Jesus, I nearly wet myself. I wanted to be there, too. I wanted to feel what they felt. And then they stopped. As one, they turned and looked right at me. Blue eyes and green eyes met my dark eyes. I could feel the heat boring through me, yet I shivered. Blondie grinned that cocky *fuck me* grin of his and waggled his eyebrows.

Looking back at his friend, they seemed to reach some silent understanding. Blondie wrapped his hand behind the others' neck and pulled him forward, kissing him deeply. Their mouths fuzed together and every so often I could see a flash of tongue. I wanted to die.

And they knew it. They knew full well that I watching. Pulling apart, they both looked my way. Unconsciously I licked my lips. Grinning once again, tall, dark and handsome inclined his head toward the side exit, indicating that I should follow them. I was helpless to do anything else.

Tossing my apron on the bar, I bid a hasty good night to the owner and slipped away.

Walking quietly into the alley, I heard a muffled exclamation. I rounded the corner just in time to see blondie drop to his knees as his companion braced himself against the brick wall. Parting the fabric at his hips, he gently pulled his massive erection free and without hesitation bent his head and took him in his mouth.

"God Nick!" he cried out, threading his fingers through his lover's hair and holding him close.

Nick sucked greedily, his mouth fucking his lover's cock as he gently rolled his balls between his fingers.

"You ... like ... watching?"

Embarassed to be caught, I started to turn away.

"No, wait," he panted, "don't ... go ... God, Nick--"

With a strangled cry, he came, his face contorted in bliss. He held Nick close as his breathing began to return to normal. I was startled to hear him speak.

"What's your name?" he whispered.

"Kellie ... Kel ..." I stammered.

Nick laughed. "Well, *Kellie Kel*, how 'bout coming a little closer? You know you want to."

I laughed nervously. "Awfully sure of yourself, aren't you?"

"Nope. Sure about *you*, though. I know what you want."

"And that would be --?" I was gaining more courage by the second.

"This." Taking my hand in his, he boldly pressed it to his fly.

I could feel him pulse beneath my fingers and knew it was true. I *did* want this. I squeezed gently and knew there would be no turning back.

"Nick..." I sighed, and he kissed me. No light and easy prelude, he simply fastened his mouth to mine in a blatant act of possession. His tongue stroked mine and I wanted him. God, I wanted him. "Please..."

There was no time for pleasantries. Tossing his jacket to the ground, he pushed my skirt up to my waist and lowered me to the floor of the alley. It was sleazy and it was perfect.

His hands fumbled with his belt and he groaned in frustration. "Kev-"

"Let me."

And Kev was there, his fingers sliding Nick's zipper open and tugging his pants around his ankles. Just before Nick came to me, Kevin hugged him from behind, wrapping his fingers around Nick's erection and slowly stroking him. God, they were beautiful. I saw him lick a path from Nick's collar bone up to his ear and Nick shuddered, a silver drop of moisture forming on the tip of his penis and glistening in the moonlight.

Before I could rise to take him in my mouth he was on his knees between my thighs. God, I felt wanton and wicked. Holding himself firmly, his eyes met mine as he stroked himself slowly. His breathing quickened and I moaned.

"Do it, Nick," his companion whispered roughly.

Nick smirked, rubbing his erection against me. "Yeah? You want this, Kellie Kel?"

Want this? Was he fucking crazy? I was *this* close to begging shamelessly.

"Yes," I hissed, my control nearly gone.

And then he was there. In one smooth stroke, he filled me and he was perfect. God, he fit as if we were made for each other. Pushing slowly in and out, he was torturing me. I wanted it hard and fast but he would have no part of it.

I whimpered and he slid his hands beneath my bottom, lifting me higher and pushing deeper. God, I was close. My toes were numb, which is always the first sign. My knees were next to go and I knew it would be seconds before I came, and came hard. I closed my eyes in concentration.

I felt Nick tense against me as he groaned.

"God, Kev-"

Reaching around his waist to hold him closer, I encountered another pair of hands. Jesus ... it was Kevin. Pressed against Nick's back, he was poised to enter him and Nick's face was tight with concentration.

"Nick -" I whispered. No response. "Nick -"

Slowly his eyes focused on mine. "Kel?"

"Relax, Nick..." I stroked my hands along his back.

"God..." He took a deep breath.

He was so still within me, yet I could feel his cock pulse with the need for release.

Just before pressing his mouth to mine, he glanced over his shoulder at Kevin. "Do it."

His body lurched forward into mine as Kevin took possession and at once, Nick was both the lover and the loved.

We lay still, our bodies and minds wrapping around this turn of events.

And in tandem, they both began to move. Oh my god .... forward and back ... again and again ... in perfect harmony. Nick pressed against me and as he pulled away, Kevin pressed forward against him ... It was fucking incredible.

The sounds ... the smells ... their faces tight with the effort of loving each other .... it was all too much.

I wanted it to last forever and I needed it to end, to be put out of my misery. Moaning against Nick's mouth, I grasped his ass to pull him close and my hands were trapped between his and Kevin's hips. Looking up, I saw Kevin sink his teeth into Nick's shoulder as he came and I lost it. I spiralled out of control, my body convulsing around Nick's erection, and he followed me into the abyss, his seed spilling onto my thighs and his $1500 leather jacket.

Silence. Breathing, heavy breathing. And a short laugh.

"Christ, Kel, you damn near killed us."

"Me?! Good God, Kevin..."

Hastily we found our clothes, struggling with buttons and snaps.

Slipping quietly from the dank alleyway, Nick paused, a hand on my arm.

"So ... same time next week?"

"No, doofus, you know I like to be surprised. Maybe next week I'll surprise *you*. You never know ...." I winked as they shook their heads at me.

Arm in arm they strolled off to find their car. "Later, Kel..." Kevin waved over his shoulder as they set off for home.


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