Credit where credit is due...

I must take a moment to thank those who have made this all possible.
I am in no way able to thank them all, but I must highlight a few.
There are many that I name in my heart for just being there and supporting me over the years.

~ YCD, 9 years ago you saw something untapped within me and took the time to encourage me. TFW.

~ SweetDsAngel, we've grown, we've argued, we've sulked, we've cried ... it's been a great ride. Luv ya sis!

~ FlowerMum & Cvrmerwithdreams, too many things to name. I love you both.

~ FrackAttackGirl, you rock my socks! Many, many thanks!

~ my readers, you blow me away. I still can't grasp that you enjoy what I do. Thank you all!

~ my email friends, and my LJ friends (both old and new), you keep me sane. Bless you!

~ Lastly, to KBNHA, for without them we wouldn't be here. May the music never die.

God bless you all.