A word challenge story, the second of a series.

The challenge words: bagel; living; crush; childish

"Childish Crush"

Kevin buttered his toast, brushing the crumbs from Nick’s second bagel onto a napkin. As he passed the trash can he dropped it in, moving on to wipe down the Formica countertop and rinse out the half glass of milk that was left by the blender. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Nick’s sneakers, size 11 ½ Nikes- one in the living room doorway, one on the bottom step of their rented townhouse.

Living with Nick was his worst nightmare. He’d thought that once the tours were over, the buses sold for scrap metal, the recording contracts satisfied, that they’d go their own ways and be blissfully happy doing their own respective things. How wrong could he have been?

”Just for a week or two, Kev, honest!” Nick had promised, his childish enthusiasm as infectious, if not more, than it had ever been. So naturally, Kevin had relented and was instantly tossed back into a time warp reminiscent of Europe in 1993. Nick was still a slob, still a big teddy bear of a guy, but with one glaring difference.

He was a man. A tall, broad shouldered, talented, beautiful man. A man that Kevin could no more ignore than he could ignore the breath that kept him alive. He’d convinced himself years ago that the attraction was one sided, that the loneliness of touring life had led them to the special closeness that they’d shared, but since Nick had come to stay, Kevin was forced to recognize the truth for what it was. What had once been a secret crush on his part, was now full blown lust. Lust. Hell, no. Desire? More? More. Much more.

He’d long suspected Nick of having similar feelings, but they’d both carefully avoided ever confronting the issue. The group split, Kevin divorced his wife, and life went on. Caught up in his reflection on the past, he failed to hear the key that turned in the front lock. It wasn’t until he felt warm breath on his cheek that he turned, startled by the closeness of his current housemate.

He jumped, startled. “Nick? I thought you’d gone.”

“I forgot something.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. This.” Without a second of hesitation, Nick leaned in, capturing Kevin’s lips beneath his own in a searing kiss. Pulling away, he looked deep into the older man’s eyes. “I forgot to say goodbye.”

“Oh.” Kevin was reduced to one word replies.

Nick turned and strode to the door, looking back as he reached for the handle. “We’ll talk tonight, Kev. Long overdue, I’d say,” he grinned. “And in case there was ever any doubt?” He paused for effect. “I love you, too.”

The door closed behind him, and still speechless, Kevin leaned back against the counter for support. And then he smiled.

word count: 467 words, not counting challenge words & title

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