So, I found the MProv toy at It will give you a random slash pairing of BSB, 'NSync or a mix of the two. Choose how may random words you want, and then go write.

I clicked and clicked until I got Nick/Kev (no real cheating for ME thank you very much, lol) and the words I was given were: housewife, incurable, nectar and anti-christ


Here's the result.


"Saturday Detention"

Nick tossed his underwear into the hamper, all the while muttering expletives under his breath. Kevin was such a fucking housewife sometimes, and his anal, pissy approach to housekeeping drove Nick straight up the goddamn wall. His one Saturday off in who knows how many months, and here he was, cleaning his room.

“I fucking feel like I’m grounded or something.”

“Did you say something?” Kevin called from downstairs.

“No, cupcake, not a word,” Nick called out, his words dripping as sweet as nectar from a blossom. “Leave it to me to fall in love with the fucking anti-christ.” Making his way downstairs, he kicked open the door to the utility room, all the while balancing the laundry basket on his hip. Clothing spilled out everywhere, and a soft chuckle made him lift his eyes, whereupon the remaining items tumbled unheeded to the floor.

“Kev, you’re-”


“No, an incurable romantic.” Nick’s eyes focused on the long stemmed red rose in Kevin’s hand.

“I suppose so.”

“Where are your clothes?”

“In the washer.”

“The washer.”

“I said that already, Nick.” Kevin smirked, hopping up to sit on the dryer.

“Yeah, you did. Why are you naked?”

Kevin shrugged. “I thought I’d reward you for cleaning your room.”

Nick smiled, popping the snap on his jeans.

“Nick, what are you doing?”

“Accepting my reward, silly man.”

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