BSB Drabbles

A drabble is a small excercise in writing. It is 100 words exactly, no more, no less.
A drabble is a challenge to write, because it must, as with a full length work,
convey an entire idea. In 100 words. Not a simple task!

Most of the drabbles here were weekly challenges posed by the live Journal Community
Boyband Drabbles and at least one was a prompt from an email list for writers.
As with many of my posts in this site, some are adult in nature.

"Tied Up", Nick/Kev

"I'm Back", Nick/Kev

"Shower", part 1, Nick/Kev

"Shower", part 2, Nick/Kev

"Anger", Kev

"Confession", Nick/Kev

"A Thousand Words", BSB

"Black Tie", Nick/Kev

"Wishes", BSB

"Saturday Detention", Nick/Kev
(actually a Double Drabble and 1/4, aka 225 words!)

"Mirror", Nick/Kev (Kev's pov)

"Nothing To Say", Nick/Kev

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