Calling It Even

The third and last (?) of the Truth or Dare trilogy. I never waited for a new challenge, I already knew what I was going to do with this.

"Calling It Even"

The knock I'd been waiting for, anticipating, came at 2:30 in the morning. I looked over in the dark to see Bec sleeping soundly, the covers tangled around her naked hips and I smiled, remembering all that we'd done to make them that way. The knock came again, a little louder this time. Easing myself out of bed, I wrapped myself in the comforter that had fallen to the floor and padded silently out to the living room of the suite we were sharing for the weekend.

I looked through the peephole, just to make sure. Confirming my suspicions, and seeing that he was alone, I dropped the comforter to the floor before opening the door. "What took you so long?" I asked, grinning as his eyes swept over my body, already hardening in anticipation.

"I- Shit, Nick, close the damn door." He pushed past me into the dimly lighted room. "Anyone could have been out there," he chastised with a frown.

I shrugged. "I knew it was you. Been waiting for you, Kev."

"How did-" It was his turn to be flustered and I could tell he was having second thoughts about this.

"I just knew. Bec shared some of your discussion with me tonight, and now I know that she and I aren't the only ones that have some unfulfilled fantasies, Kev."

"She told you?" His eyes widened.

"I'm figuring that tonight we need to lay a few of those to rest. So to speak." I grinned as his mouth dropped open, lazily wrapping my hand around my stiffening cock and stroking it slowly.

"Fuck, Nick ..."

"Okay," I answered, purposely misunderstanding his comment. "Want some of this Kev?" I stepped closer and I could smell the desire on him as I rubbed myself up against his hip.

"Christ, Nick ... where's Bec?" he asked breathlessly.

"Asleep. But I could wake her up and bring her out ..."

"No. This is between you and me," he growled, wrapping his fingers in my hair and pulling me into a bruising kiss.

I moaned as the pressure of his mouth forced my lips apart. Before he could make another move, I put my tongue in his mouth and surprised the hell out of him. If it hadn't felt so damn good, it would have been funny. I needed his hands on me and if the way he was moving was any indication, he needed me just as much. I pushed him away from me and reached for the hem of his t-shirt. I pulled it over his head and tossed it aside, listening to his deep, ragged breathing.

"Take those off," I demanded, pulling at the snap on his jeans. No shit, for once in his life he obeyed me without question. He pulled his pants over his naked hips and over his bare feet and threw them over to land on top of his t-shirt. I raised my eyebrows at him. "Bad boy, Kev. No boxers tonight. Anxious much?"

"About as much as you, I figure." He reached slowly for me, running one finger down the length of my dripping erection and back up again. It was my turn to moan, and I did. Loudly. He wrapped his hand around me and I let him stroke me, thinking he was in control. He let down his guard and then I had him.

I reached between his legs and found him more than ready for me, and when I dropped to the floor and took him in my mouth he let out a wail that would wake the dead. Or my girl. "Shh," I managed, pulling back to lick him teasingly, "you'll wake Bec."

"Don't ... care..." he groaned as he rocked his hips against my mouth. "Shit Nick ... so ... good."

His hands tangled in my hair as he held me were he wanted me, and the feel of him tugging on me just made it that much better. I sucked harder, opening wider and taking him deep in my throat and his cock twitched, leaking its salty fluid against my tongue. He was pushing so hard against me I almost lost my balance, but I grabbed his hips and held on, determined to push him past the limits of his endurance.

"Nick, fuck. I can't-" He tried his best to push me away, but I held on tighter. "I'm gonna-" His hands in my hair were beyond painful and I felt him trembling, trying to hold back.

I let go of his hips and pulled away, closing one hand around the base of his cock and sucking on the swollen tip. "Do it, Kev."


I could taste him already as he swelled in my hand and I took him in my mouth one last time, squeezing my fingers around him and pumping him hard. That did it. With one last shouted obscenity, he let go, filling my mouth and my throat before groaning and dropping to his knees with me. The look on his face was one of sheer amazement, and I couldn't resist. I kissed him, passing back some of himself into his hungry mouth. He pulled away in surprise, then shocked the hell out me by pushing me to the floor and covering my body with his own.

His hands were everywhere, finally touching my body the way I'd needed since I'd first heard his knock on my door. His hand reached between my legs and I know I whimpered as he touched me there. He was relentless. Feather-light touches, never settling anywhere long enough to make it count.

"You like that?" he asked, never stopping his touching. He kissed down my neck to my chest, licking a nipple before taking it in his teeth.

"God, Kev-"

He chuckled at my outburst and continued his torture on the other side. I grabbed his head, trying to force him lower, but he wouldn't budge. He licked my skin, every so often nipping at me and then kissing it better. Slowly he moved downward, trailing kisses over my hips and on to my thighs as my cock twitched hungrily. He licked a path down to my knees and back up to my abdomen, completely ignoring where I really needed him.

"Fucking tease..." I groaned, and he laughed at me.

"Anxious much, Nick?" he said, tossing my words right back at me.

I groaned again, and felt him pull me to my feet. He led me to the couch and pushed me down, standing over me and staring into my eyes.

"Beautiful," he whispered. "So fucking beautiful, Nick. You've always been the pretty one, haven't you?" He smiled, his emerald eyes flashing in the darkness. "And tonight you're mine." His large hands spread my legs and he settled in between them, kneeling on the floor. "All of this, Nicky," he whispered, his breath warming my skin. "All of this is all mine."

"Just fucking do it, Kev," I hissed.

"Do what?" he asked with a glint in his eye.

Asshole, it appeared the payoff wasn't quite over.

"If you think I'm gonna beg you, you can fuck off," I said, pushing myself up to get away from him.

He pushed me back down, and pushed my legs farther apart. And then, oh fuck, then he took me in his hand, wrapped it right around me and squeezed. Just the way I like it. I groaned in wonderful agony.

"Just the way you like it, right Nick?" he asked, stroking me slowly and firmly. "How do I know? How many years have you been doing this on buses and planes, thinking no one knows?" He chuckled again as I gasped. "I knew, Nick. I've been watching, and waiting for just the right time. For tonight. So tell me, Nick. Tell me what you really want."

I could barely form the words. "I want ... I need ..."

"This?" he asked, leaning forward to lick away the drops that had formed on my swollen tip. "This what you want? My mouth on you? Tell me."

I leaned my head back and gave up all pretense. "Fuck yeah, Kev," I sighed. "Just do it. Suck me."

"Good boy," he murmured and them his mouth was there and god it felt good. He didn't mess around this time, just gave me what I wanted, what I needed. It was my turn to tangle my hands in *his* hair and thank god it had grown out enough to give me something to hold on to because otherwise I'd have slid off the couch. I didn't even want to know how he knew how to do this so well, I just wanted to feel. And damn, did I feel. I felt his hot, wet mouth around me, his tongue on all the sensitive spots that I loved and then I began to tingle. A sure sign that it was almost over.

"More, Kev," I gasped, "Almost..." he sucked harder and something made me look up. Holy shit. Bec was standing in our bedroom door, watching, her mouth open and more desire in her eyes than I think I'd ever seen. She knew I'd seen her because she smiled a secret little smile and then touched herself. She fucking touched herself and whispered to me.

"Do it, Nick," she said softly. "Let it go, baby."

My hips came off the couch and I lost it. I buried myself in Kevin's throat and came and came and came. I couldn't breathe, I wanted to die right there and wasn't really sure I already hadn't. I slipped from Kevin's mouth and he laid his head against my hip, sighing contentedly as I stroked his hair. Bec watched us for a few seconds more, then blew me a kiss and returned to bed.

What the hell? God .... what a night this had been. I was exhausted, and I was sure Kevin was too. We sat together for a long time, both beginning to yawn and unable to hide it from the other.

"I should go," he said sleepily.

"Don't. Stay with me?" He looked up at me and our eyes met.

"I can't do that, Nick. What about-"

"It's a big bed, Kev," I smiled. "Room for at least three." He hadn't seen the look on Bec's face, hadn't even known she was there, but *I* had. This would make waking up in the morning very interesting, to say the least.

He smiled and nodded his head in acceptance. Before turning out the lights, I called the front desk to cancel our wake up calls. We'd just have to let nature take its course, now wouldn't we?

I lied .... there's an Epilogue! "The Wakeup Call"

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