"Across A Crowded Room"

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I can feel you, you know. Even across a crowded room I can feel the heat of your eyes on my back. As ridiculous as it sounds, you reduce me to trite cliches with a glance in my direction. Never mind that there are seemingly a hundred people nearby; the look you send makes me burn.

I know it well, that look in your eyes. Just last night it beckoned to me and I was helpless against its pull as I was drawn to you, and into your touch. You hypnotize me, my love; you take me away from myself and the humdrum life that surrounds me. You cherish me with your eyes, worship me with your touch and I am wealthy, the richest woman in the world.

I see your lips curve in a wicked smile and know your innermost thoughts. Your eyes sparkle with mischief and I know that *you* know exactly what you do to me. If only we were alone ... if only. My breath becomes rapid, the temperature in the room is rising. Isn't it?

I smile back to you, my eyes slowly traverse your body and I laugh silently as you harden before my eyes. Yes, my love two can play this wicked game. I giggle like a schoolgirl as you shift uncomfortably in your seat and I draw the curious glances of those around me. I look away lest they become witness to our play.

I try my best to occupy my thoughts elsewhere, but it's an exercise in futility. I am helpless to avoid what must come. The surrounding sounds fade away as I turn to you, undressing you with my eyes.

I want nothing more than to pull your jacket from your shoulders and feel the soft cotton of your t-shirt beneath my fingers, your skin warm beneath the fabric. I can imagine how it would be. Your eyes darken at my touch and you want me, I know by the way the muscles of your abs tremble under my fingertips and by your sharply indrawn breath.

You do your best to pull me close, but it's not yet time. So impatient you are! Pulling your shirt from the waist of your jeans my nails graze your skin and you barely suppress a moan. God, I love to hear you like this. My resolve weakens but I steel myself to continue. You lift your arms and I tug your shirt over your head. Well, I try, but you are so tall ... the final tug is supplied by your own hands and you stand before me, tan and mine. All mine.

Carefully, studiously, I allow my hands to wander over your exposed flesh, its heat burning the palms of my hands. You are so smooth, so soft. I brush my hands over your nipples and they pebble at my touch. Such a brave man you are, my sweet! A lesser man would not have allowed me this time to explore. But I fear my cruelty cannot continue much longer. Your eyes are closed, your face damp with perspiration and I take pity on your discomfort.

Pressing soft kisses to your chest, my tongue wraps around the gold chain that hangs against your skin and my fingers encounter the snap at your waist. Stubbornly it refuses to open. Could it be from the hardness that strains the fabric from beneath? I can resist no longer. Pressing my hand against you I feel your need for me and my mouth waters. You pulse against my hand and I long to wrap myself around your waist and feel you buried within me.

Soon, very soon.

Impatiently your own hands assist mine and the only sound is the soft purring of metal as the zipper parts to reveal your shaft. Oh, you sly man ... no briefs tonight? I look up in surprise and your smirk is classic. Any more surprises in store this evening, love?

Dropping to my knees I push your jeans past your hips and am suddenly confronted with the evidence of your desire. I sigh, inhaling your scent, and lean forward to press a chaste kiss to the tip. You twitch beneath my lips and I am greeted by a single pearlescent drop of welcome. Swirling it about with my tongue, I feel your fingers weave into my hair urging me closer, begging me to take you. I can no more deny you this pleasure than I can deny myself air to breathe. You groan my name as I worship you with my lips, all the time pressing me against your hips in a silent plea for release.

Close, so close. God, I can feel the tension building in your body as you strain against me. I close my eyes in concentration ... soon, oh god, so soon ... my hands knead the flesh of your buttocks as I hold you close and feel your release begin.

Oh sweet relief, you cry out as you tremble in my arms spilling yourself into my mouth, words of love tumbling from your lips. I hold you as the tremors subside. Looking into your eyes at last, I lick my lips and pull myself from my delicious daydream.

The sounds of the crowd rush at me as I return to the present, suddenly cognizant of my surroundings. The tables have turned and it is my turn for discomfort. You are suddenly before me, the electricity between us palpable.

Again, your eyes burn into mine and I recognize your intent. Dear God, I want you. Softly I whisper, "take me home."


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