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A side dish to "Snowbound" part 9, by Sarah D.

It's not entirely necessary to read that first, but it helps.
This takes place right around the time the video for "Quit Playing Games" was filmed,
so keep that time frame handy.

This is for Fiona, with love.


There is nothing in the world quite as special as the unique sound of snow falling as you sit blanketed in the silence and peace of an otherwise quiet world. There is nothing as special as taking the hand of someone you're quickly falling for and knowing that before the night is over they will be your lover. Your very first lover.

In the silence of Kevin and Torie's cabin, Nick reached for Fiona's hand. Despite the cold outside, her fingers were warm and they grasped his sleepily as she looked up into his crystal blue eyes.

"Nick?" she whispered sleepily.

Nick put a finger over her lips to silence her. Tugging on her hand, he gently pulled her to her feet and toward the spare bedroom.

"'Night you two," Kevin whispered as the other couples lay sleeping.

"Thanks Kev," Nick answered quietly, blushing in the dark.

Once inside, Nick closed the door and turned the old brass key in the lock.

"Nick?" Fiona asked once more, squeezing his fingers, now cold with anticipation.

Nick was afraid he'd lose his nerve; afraid he'd fail; afraid the others would find out and laugh at him... So he did the only thing that could calm his nerves, he gathered her into his arms and kissed her. His lips closed over hers, and she sighed, her arms wrapping tightly around his waist. He was stunned when she kissed him back and it made him all the more brave. His fingers wove into her hair and he deepened their touch, parting her lips and tasting her with his soft, velvet tongue.

Fiona was lost as he wove his spell around her. In all her life, no one had ever made her feel the things Nick made her feel; no one had ever made her want the things she found herself wanting, and as the forbidden thoughts came to her mind she moaned against his mouth. She felt empty as he pulled his mouth from hers, but relief flooded her as his lips moved down her neck to where her sweater lay over her shoulder. "Oh Nick," was all she could say, closing her eyes as she trembled in his arms.

Their connection had been immediate from the moment they'd been introduced, and truth be told, Fiona had been somewhat hesitant because of his age. But the boy ... man .. who was holding her in his arms right now made her forget any misgivings she might have had.

Nick felt her tremble and held her closer. "Are you cold? Kevin said the power would be back on soon and-"

"No, I'm not cold, Nick," she laughed softly. "Far from it."

"Oh," he stammered and then laughed along with her. This was going much better than he could have ever dreamed. He sucked at the pulse point on her neck and slipped his hand beneath her sweater, gently stroking the soft skin on her waist and back. It was his turn to moan. "God, Fi, you're so soft."

Fiona swept her fingers through his soft, baby fine hair. "Touch me, Nick," she whispered.

"I am."

"More. I need more." She gasped as his long fingers found her breast, its ripe nipple straining beneath the soft fabric of her bra. He brushed his thumb across it and she felt an answering rush of dampness between her thighs. Her knees buckled, but Nick was there for her, catching her in his arms and carrying her to the antique four-poster bed by the window.

Nick set her down easily in the center of the bed, and in one swift motion pulled her sweater over her head and off. Her hair was in gorgeous disarray and he smiled as she self-consciously tried to smooth it back in place. "Leave it that way, I like it," he smiled. Kneeling next to her, the mattress dipped with his weight as he took his own sweater off and tossed it onto the floor by Fiona's. He moved to get closer to her, but stopped and simply looked at her. Her skin was flushed and he could see her breasts move as she struggled to keep her breathing even. He closed his eyes and prayed for control as she reached for him.

"Nick, look at me," she said as her hand lay against his smooth chest. She understood his dilemma, more than he knew, and she smiled as his eyes fluttered open to meet hers. "It's okay, Nick," she said, touching her hand to his face. "Whatever happens tonight is okay, just remember that."

Empowered by her words, Nick reached for the closure of her bra and was embarrassed and frustrated when he couldn't find it. "Shit," he mumbled as he heard her soft giggle.

"It's in the front, Nick."

"Well hell..." he sat back on his heels and indeed, there it was, a tiny clasp snuggled between her full breasts. With one quick flick of his fingers, he had it open and her soft flesh spilled out into his waiting hands. "Oh god ..." was all that he could say. He tugged the soft silk off her arms and she was naked from the waist up. "Fi... I need to feel you," he groaned, and as she held open her arms, he covered her body with his, pressing her down into the mattress.

They both sighed with relief as skin touched skin for the first time. The feel of Fiona's breasts against his chest was like nothing Nick had ever known. In all of his teenage exploits, there had never been anything like this. Ever.

Fiona shivered as Nick's mouth took hers once more, his tongue tangling with hers. Instinctively, her hips began to move against his and her thighs parted to cradle him against her most sensitive spot. She whimpered as Nick groaned, rubbing his erection against her. She was soaked with desire and his movement, while somewhat soothing the ache within, perversely served only to inflame her more.

Nick rolled to the side, clumsily pushing her sweat pants around her hips as he continued to kiss her. To his relief, he felt Fiona's hands join his, succeeding where he was failing miserably. The heat was rising off her in waves and as her remaining clothing fell to the floor, his hand cupped her soft mound and she whimpered.

Holy damn. She was so hot and so wet and Nick had to make a serious effort to think of something else before he lost the tiny bit of control he had left. Damn it, he wanted her and he wanted to do this right. It was bad enough she was six years older, he didn't want her to think he was a complete idiot. Or a virgin. Which he was. Shit.

"Fiona-" he gasped as she arched against his hand.

"Nick, please-"

"Fi, slow down." Nick pressed one long finger into her slick folds, sliding it slowly back and forth. He wasn't a complete novice, thank god, but he still needed her to back off a bit. The girls he'd been with before were... exactly that. Girls. Quick fumblings in the dark usually served their purpose: Nick got off and the girls were grateful for the privilege of helping him. But tonight, that wasn't what he wanted, or needed. He needed this to be as close to perfect as it could be and that meant coming *after* he was inside her.

Fuck. That kind of thinking wasn't helping any at all. Neither was the fact that her hand was stroking him through his pants. Closing his eyes, he groaned and Fiona laughed.

"Feel good?" she asked wickedly, her fingers never stopping their movement. Fiona watched his face, set in a fierce mask of concentration, and took pity on his pain. Removing her hand, she kissed him gently and began to reach beneath the waistband of his pants. She felt him tremble as he threw his head back, and as he caught his lower lip between his teeth, she knew she'd never see anything more beautiful. Her fingertips touched the downy curls at his hips and she could wait no longer. Without hesitation she wrapped her fingers around him and began to carefully stroke his hardness.

"Shit. Fi, I can't-"

"Shh, just enjoy this."

"No, I can't," he moaned. "I'm gonna-"

"Do it, Nick. Let it go." She felt the first slick drops slide over her fingertips and at the same time felt him swell even more in her hand. "Please, Nick. Come for me."

In superhuman effort he managed somehow to push his pants around his knees before giving up and giving her what she wanted. He shuddered one last time as she licked his ear and erupted everywhere, on her hand, his chest, the bed ... god what a mess. But god, what bliss.

Nick's breathing was ragged as Fiona lay her head on his chest, listening the wild beating of his heart. Her hand was still cradling his softening member, and she was moved almost to tears.

"Damn, Fi," he gasped. "I wanted ... I didn't want ..."

"Next time, Nick," she smiled against his skin, planting tiny kisses on his nipple and smiling as he twitched.

"N-next time?"

"Any minute now, I think," she grinned as she felt him begin to swell once more.

"Oh god..." In spite of the mess he'd made, he kicked his pants off the rest of the way and rolled her beneath him. It was incredible. It was amazing. It was ... holy fuck, he was about to make love to a beautiful woman. Life didn't get any better than this.

Fiona looked up into his eyes and smiled, a smile which he returned. "This time will be better, Nicky. It'll last longer."

His surprise showed in his eyes, and he pulled back. "You knew?"

"I guessed, that's all." She held him close, afraid he would try to back away, which indeed he did. "Nick, stay, please?"

"Why?" he asked, fearing what her answer would be. God knows, he didn't want or need a pity fuck.

"I need you," she whispered. "Make love to me, Nick."

As he lay above her, he tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her sweetly, all the while molding his body to hers. He sighed as she wrapped her legs around him and his erection pressed against her soaked folds. He slid against her again and again until she began to whimper beneath him, and just as he would enter her and make their joining complete he remembered.

"Fuck!" he cried, pulling away.

"Nick?" Fiona lay panting on the bed, wondering what the hell had happened.

"I can't- I almost forgot-" Nick stood and began to search through his pockets, finally locating the foil packets Kevin had pressed into his hand earlier. Embarrassed, he retreated to the bathroom. Struggling with the wrapper, his fingers shaking, he finally managed to open it, tossing the torn foil aside.

"Nick..." Fiona was standing behind him, and he flinched at her closeness.

He sighed in frustration. "I'm sorry. I just wanted this to be good, you know?" There was almost a hint of tears in his voice as Fiona took his hand.

"Let me help." Gently, she took the condom from his hand, and stepped around him to meet him face to face. She smoothed the frown from his eyes and then reached for him. "Damn," Nick sighed leaning into her touch. "You don't have to-"

"I want to." She carefully rolled the condom onto him and it was, without a doubt, the most erotic thing he'd ever felt. "Now Nick. Please, I need you now."

Lacing his fingers through hers, they walked back into the bedroom and lay down, side by side.

Nick pushed her hair away from her face as she stroked him gently. "Fiona, I never-"

"It's okay, Nick. It's all okay, I promise."

"What about you? I don't know if I can make you-"

"That's okay, too. Nick, stop worrying." She leaned closer to place a small kiss at the corner of his mouth and whimpered when his fingers found their way between her legs once more. "Oh ..."

"Is that right? Am I doing it right?"

Dear god, if he was doing it any *more* right she'd spontaneously combust. And she might just do that anyway.

"Nick-" She opened herself to his touch as one, then two slender fingers slid deep within her molten core. Her hips moved with a will of their own as he touched her with a tenderness she'd never known before. She trembled as he moved his fingers over her swollen clit and had no doubt he'd make her- "Now, Nick. Please-"

Rising above her, Nick spread her thighs and slid fully inside her, groaning at the feeling of her heat surrounding him. He stayed still and counted to ten, and then ten again as he realized exactly where he was and what he was doing. And ultimately, who the beautiful woman beneath him was. "God, Fi, I have to move," he whispered hoarsely.

Fiona whimpered as he pulled away, and then cried out as he slid home once more. The feelings he'd begun with his hands were only intensified as he made love to her. Nick's instincts let him know what to do and he slipped his hands beneath her hips, lifting her closer and making her cry out once more as he rocked against her.

"Fi, I'm-" Nicks face was contorted with pleasure as he tried his best to hold on.

"Just a little ... Nicky, touch me." Fiona was almost there. Almost.

"What?" Nick's eyes were no longer able to focus as he attempted to figure out what Fiona meant.

"Here!" With a hard tug, Fiona managed to find his hand and place it where she needed it the most, and once again mother nature's instinct came to the rescue. She shuddered as Nick's hand rubbed where their bodies joined, and felt the numbing tingle of her approaching release.

"Baby-" Nick had to do it. He had to-

"ohGOD!" Fiona suddenly exploded around him, and the contractions of her body around his sensitive member pushed him over the edge of his fragile control.

With an unintelligible expletive, Nick came, his body pulsing for what seemed like forever, finally collapsing on top of Fiona. They lay together, their breathing nothing more than shallow gasps, until Nick finally rolled to the side, pulling her against his side.

"That was-"

"Perfect, Nick." She smiled in contentment as he held her tighter, and they both knew it was a night they would never forget.

In the silence of the room, Nick finally spoke. "We need to go back out with the others, Fi. I'm sorry ... I want to stay in here with you all night." He hugged her close as his throat constricted with an emotion he couldn't define.

"There will be other times, Nick. I can wait." She sighed as he kissed her one last time. In silence, they straightened the room before tiptoeing out to join the others. Finding their place amongst the rest of the sleeping couples, they spooned up together as Nick pulled a blanket up over their shoulders. They drifted off into sated sleep, identical smiles on their faces.

In the still silence of the falling snow, Torie and Kevin heard the opening of the other bedroom door and smiled sleepily, knowing they'd been a part of the start of something special.


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