Heat Wave

Lena groaned, wiping her neck with a souvenir bandana from Sloppy Joe's Bar and Grill.

Damn it was hot today, a real scorcher. And why on earth was she even here? She hated the crowds, hated being stuck in the middle of a never-ending fan moment like this. But stuck she was, she and about 850 teenage girls who had cut class to see the Boys.

Key West, Florida in mid-May was not her idea of a good time. Especially not when she had to share her man with a horde of sex-crazed, hormonal teenagers. Fortunately, security had managed to snag her a front row spot from which to view the show. The intros had been taped, and Carson was preparing to cue up the background music when Brian spotted her. Slick, he was very slick.

She had to grin as she watched him wave to her without being obvious. When the 16-year old next to her began to hyperventilate, she laughed outright. The poor thing shrieked to her friends how Brian had waved at *HER* and *OHMYGOD!* and on an on ad nauseum.

Lena shook her head and gave him a chastising look that said, *now see what you've done?* He shrugged his shoulders and grinned right back at her.

The music began and she was lost. Even after all this time his voice never failed to move her to tears. She, like every other female present, was convinced he was singing just to her. Swaying with the music, she forgot the heat and became lost in the rhythm. Several times she caught his eyes on her and the heat they held made her shiver despite the noonday sun.

The show took forever to finish and by the time the closing credits were ready to roll, everyone there was soaking wet. The camera closed in on the group just as Brian wiped his face on his sleeve. Jesus, there was something so damned sexy about it Lena nearly wet herself. Her mind went places it should never go in public and she began to formulate a plan.

Finally the crowd began to disperse and the MTV crew cranked up the canned music for the remaining crowd. Lena caught the lyrics of the song and laughed.

"Man, it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun..."

Immediately she could picture a sleeve wiping a sweaty brow, and then thought, *seven inches? NOT!* Cracking up she caught up with one of the bodyguards, giving him a message to pass on to Bri.

***one hour later***

Lena mumbled to herself as she paced around the condo she and Brian were staying in. Right on Duval Street, it was so obviously close to the center of downtown that no one would dream of looking for him and the other guys there. "Let's see... candles? No, not dark enough yet. Music? Yep, mood music ready to go. Champagne? Yep. Chillin' on the patio, which is where *we'll* be." Giggling, she waltzed around the apartment, undressing as she went. By the time she was finished, a trail of clothing led from the front door to the vine-enshrouded patio out back. Now all she had to do was wait. And hope like hell none of the other guys decided to crash her party for two.

Fifteen minutes later she heard the door open and Brian call her name. The sound stopped abruptly and she smiled wickedly. She had a glorious mental picture of him tripping over her jeans. Then her blouse ... her bra ... and finally her silk panties. And here he was, right on cue.

"Lena?" He leaned against the sliding doors, her bra dangling from his index finger.

"Hi baby."

"That's it? *Hi baby*?"

"You look hot, why don't you join me?"

"Lena, it's 90 frickin' degrees out here, and you're in a hot tub. Are you crazy?"

"Crazy about *you*" she giggled.

He rolled his eyes. 'Yep, you *are* crazy*."

"C'mon, Bri, it'll cool you off. I saw how hot you were on stage this afternoon."

*In more ways than one* he thought, consciously avoiding the need to adjust his jeans.

"C'mere," she called, crooking her finger in invitation.

He sighed, lazily sauntering toward the bubble-filled tub. Dipping his hand in the water, he jumped back. "It's cold!"

"Of course, silly. It's 90 frickin' degrees out here!" She laughed, tossing his own words back at him. "Join me? It'll cool you off ..."

*Not likely* he thought.

"Pleeeeaaase?" she whined. "I'll make it worth your while..."

He hesitated until she stood up, the bubbles cascading down her gloriously naked body, and then he began to undress.

"Worth my while, huh? And just how do plan to do that?" he unbuttoned his shirt. As he pulled it open, Lena could still see the traces of sweat.

"Well .... while you guys were rehearsing I went shopping."

"Yeah?" Unbuttoning his fly, he pulled off his jeans and tossed them against the wall.

"Yep. I found this cute little shell store."

"And?" His shirt joined his jeans.

"They have the most delicious, gigantic sponges, Bri."

"Lena ... make your point." His undershirt was next, tossed haphazardly over his shoulder.

"Oh, mercy, Brian." She giggled, staring at the evidence of his arousal beneath his boxers. "Looks mighty uncomfortable." Raising her eyes to meet his, she winked.

"Well, sweetheart, you *could* stop teasing me and help me out, you know."

"Yeah, I s'pose I could ...." She sank beneath the bubbles, hiding all but her shoulders from view. Reaching underneath the bubbles, she slowly pulled out a huge sea sponge. Holding it to her cheek, Lena squeezed it slowly, the cool river of water running down the graceful arch of her neck to disappear into the bubbles.

"Damn, Lena-"

"C'mon, Bri, come in with me," she purred. "I'll help cool you off."

"What if I don't *want* to be cooled off?" he asked softly, hooking his thumbs in his boxers and pushing them over his hips.

Lena sighed, reaching for him. Brian evaded her touch and climbed over the edge of the tub.

"You want me?" he asked, watching her eyes darken in response. "Come on over here and get me."

Sloshing water over the tub onto the patio, she moved to straddle him. Seated on his lap, she pressed her knees around his waist, teasing him unmercifully as she ground her heated center against his erection.

"God, baby..." Brian leaned his head back to rest on the padded edge of the hot tub. He grasped her hips and held her still as he rotated against her.

Lena whimpered at the sensation, and leaning forward, pressed her full lips against his. They kissed with abandon, Brian's hands holding her firmly.

Lena rubbed herself against Brian, his swollen length sliding easily through her slick heat and teasing her clit. Crying out she managed to gasp, "need ... you ... inside me ... now..."

Brian lifted her up and away and as he pushed her back down onto his stiffened member, he caught her breast in his mouth. Suckling greedily, he tugged at her nipple and she contracted around him. He pushed up into her as she whimpered his name, her body tingling in anticipation. She couldn't last much longer despite her plans for a leisurely afternoon of lovemaking.

The water was cold, yet beads of sweat still broke out on both lovers' bodies as they strained toward orgasm. Lena sat back, stretching away from Brian and reaching behind her to fondle the tight sac between his legs just he pressed his fingers to the swollen nub of flesh where they were joined.

"Oh, god ..." their cries were in unison as they strained together, reaching .... reaching ...


The stars exploded behind their eyes and the world stopped. For just a moment, the earth revolved only around them and the cool water that sated their heated flesh.

The stereo changed over to the next cd, and Lena laughed, the force of her giggles pushing Brian's softening flesh from hers. As the music continued to play, they turned the water jets to *high* and spent the afternoon discovering quite a few novel uses for an oversized sea sponge.

"Man, it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun..."


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