note: This was supposed to be a drabble, it didn't quite make it. It's 142 words instead of 100. Oh well. :-)



The knock on the door was hesitant, almost inaudible. Kevin was reading, and his favorite chair was wrapped around him like a cocoon, the light from the lamp was warm on his shoulder, the old tabby cat on his lap was a comforting dead weight.

The sound came again, a hesitant tapping that pricked the ears of both cat and master.

"Hop down, Merlin." The aged cat's only reply was a blink and a disdainful glance before stretching and resuming his position of comfort. With a glare he soon found himself displaced as the tall, tired man padded silently to the door.

On the other side was the last person Kevin expected to see, and his raised eyebrow made that patently clear.

"I was wrong," the tall blonde said quietly.

"Welcome home, Nick."

With open arms, he proves that he means it.

~ 08-09-2005 ~

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