Lesson PLans, part 1

"Ten to one she's not ready," Nick grinned as he slammed to door on his and Howie's rented 4x4.

"She'll be ready, Nick, would you knock it off?" Howie was anxious to get on with the weekend getaway they'd planned and Nick was becoming more obnoxious by the minute. "This way, she said to use the side door by the faculty lounge." Howie opened the door to the deserted hallway and began looking for Sarah's classroom.

"Man, looks like everyone is gone. You sure she said to meet her at school?" Nick didn't look very convinced as he followed Howie up the deserted stairwell.

"Yes, Nick, would you stop complaining?" Howie sighed. "Look, it must be down there," he said as he spotted one open door at the end of the hall.

Nick started to take off running, but some innate sense of not wanting to run in a school hallway stopped him. Guiltily he looked around for a hall monitor and then chuckled as he realized what he was doing.

"Spent a lot of time in detention did you?" Howie laughed.

"Never mind," Nick muttered.

"Here it is," Howie stopped outside the doorway and smiled. He could clearly hear Sarah muttering to herself as she crumpled up a piece of paper and heaved it at the blackboard on the far wall.

"Doesn't sound promising, D," Nick frowned and shook his head.

"Not to worry Kaos. This won't be the first time I've changed Sarah's mood around to suit me." He winked at Nick and pushed the door open.

"Go away," Sarah said sullenly, not even looking up from her desk.

"Nope, the car's packed and reservations are made. The weatherman even promised snow for the weekend," Howie said brightly.

"Have a good time," she said dejectedly.

"Where's your stuff?" Nick asked. "I'll go load it into the car."

"I told you, I can't go," Sarah insisted, her voice giving away just how close she was to tears.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Howie sat on the edge of her desk, trying to interpret the scribbled pieces of paper that littered the top of her desk and the floor at her feet.

"Lesson plans."

"I thought you had those done last night?" Nick asked.

"So did I," she sneered. "Until my partner bailed out on me this morning, the next week was all set. But NO. Did she care that for once in my life I had plans for this weekend? No. She managed to get all of next week off, which means none of the plans I did will work now. I have to re-write all of them to cover the stuff that SHE was supposed to teach."

"So bring your plan book along. You can work on it in front of the fireplace in the cabin," Nick said softly.

Sarah moaned and closed her eyes. "Nick, you have no idea how wonderful that sounds, but-"

"But nothing. Just think softly falling snow, a glass of red wine, two gorgeous men " He chuckled at Sarah's smile, "and your lesson plans."

"Damn, Nick, it sounded great right up until then." She shook her head again. "I'm sorry, I really wanted to go with you guys, I was looking forward to it." She sighed, her mind wandering away to all the forbidden places she'd planned to explore in the days ahead. They'd all been friends forever and by unspoken agreement had made plans to take it to the next level on this weekend getaway, and now their plans were shot to hell. Howie and Nick would be leaving soon and she'd never know what it was like to-

"Sarah? Earth to Sarah!" Nick was waving a hand in front of her face.

"Sorry," she said, shaking off her thoughts.

"Where did you go? You looked like you were a million miles away."

"No," she sighed. "Only about fifty or sixty." She reached a hand around to rub the tension in her shoulder and groaned as her fingers met the tight flesh.

"Scoot," Nick said, pushing her chair closer to the desk and sitting on the bookshelf behind her. "Now," he said, "lean back."


"Just trust me, okay?" Sarah sighed and did as she was told.

"Damn, Sarah, relax." Nick placed his large hands on her shoulders, slowly and methodically kneading the tight muscles into submission. He smiled at Howie as Sarah moaned. "Feel good?"

"Mmmm ." was all she could say. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in his touch.

Howie sat and watched her respond to Nick's touch and determined that there was no way she was getting out of this weekend away. He spoke softly. "Just breathe deep, Sarah. Let all the mess from today just fade away." He reached out to stroke her face, the tension in her forehead melting away as he stroked the soft skin.

Suddenly she relaxed even more and leaned back against Nick, nearly knocking him off the bookshelf.

"Whoa!" he said, "hang on, let me shift a little." Holding her where she was, he scooted around to regain his balance and then urged her to lean back against him. He hadn't planned for her to lean her head back right against his crotch. She shifted to get more comfortable and he felt himself begin to stiffen from the friction. Closing his eyes he breathed deeply and cleared his throat before resuming his manipulation of her tense shoulders.

Howie chuckled at Nick's predicament as he stroked Sarah's temples, his fingers weaving into the soft brown curls that framed her face. "See? Isn't that better already?" he asked softly.

"Mmm hmm," Sarah managed to reply as the tension began to drain from her body. "Feels wonderful," she sighed. Shifting in her seat to get more comfortable, she reached out to balance herself and found her hand on Howie's thigh. Her eyes were closed, but she couldn't miss the way he caught his breath at her touch. So she squeezed gently again and felt him tense beneath her fingers. "Relax, Howie," she smiled.

Nick and Howie exchanged a look, Nick flashing his lopsided grin and Howie winking at the younger man. Nick continued his hypnotic massage, but let his fingers work their way forward, brushing Sarah's upper chest just enough to tease. She shivered and Nick's mouth watered as he watched her nipples harden beneath her silk blouse.

Howie's fingers were wrapped around her face, his thumbs smoothing away all the aggravations of the day and he watched her respond to Nick, hardening painfully beneath his jeans. He felt the shudder that passed over her when Nick moved his hands lower and watched as she bit her lower lip to keep from making a sound.

Sarah held her lip with her teeth, certain that she was about to humiliate herself, but nothing prevented her from crying out as a warm, moist tongue traced her lip urging its freedom. Her eyes flew open and as she gasped, Howie pressed his mouth to hers, his tongue sweeping inside to taste her. All the while he held her head captive and she vaguely registered the fact that Nick was unbuttoning her blouse.

Nick worked quickly. In no time he had untucked Sarah's blouse from the waistband of her slacks and popped open the front clasp of her lacy bra. His hands spread the fabric and he leaned forward to cup her full breasts in his hands, his thumbs gently rubbing her nipples and making them even harder than they already were. He kneaded her flesh in his large hands and she moaned against Howie's mouth. She arched further into Nick's hands, which had the counter effect of pressing the back of her head against his raging erection.

Nick groaned, pressing his hips against her head to ease the pain. "Damn." He croaked.

Howie moved away, smiling wickedly at Sarah's flushed face and the pained expression on Nick's. Looks like they weren't going to wait to get to the cabin after all.

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