Moving Day

The pounding on the front door could be heard halfway across the house. Sarah dusted off her hands and pushed herself away from the box she'd had her head buried in for the past ten minutes. The pounding got louder and more insistent the closer she got.

"Hold on," she mumbled. "Sheesh …"

"Open up! Come on Sarah, where are you?" Nick's voice could be heard even through the solid wood door.

"Nick?" Sarah opened the door and saw only a huge box on the other side. Fortunately she moved quickly out of the way before being flattened beneath both Nick and the box as they tumbled though the door. "What are you doing?"

"Helping you move, remember?" Nick grunted beneath the weight of the box as he stumbled to the living room. He put the box down with a groan and leaned against it. "Please tell me this is the last one," he panted.

Sarah giggled. "Nicky, you're all sweaty. Poor baby." Sweaty and damn sexy, she thought. He was dressed in his typical weekend attire and for just a moment she felt guilty for making him work on his one day off, but thought better of it as she allowed her eyes to travel over his body. Damn, she thought, biting back a moan. He had no idea how gorgeous he was like this. There he was, tank top, gym shorts and backward baseball cap, and he was all hers. She sighed without realizing it and he stopped wiping his face with his arm long enough to look at her. Really look at her.

He grinned when he caught her staring at him and raised one eyebrow in amusement. "Umm, Sarah?"

"Huh?" She shook her head to clear it and blushed.

"Baby, you lost your pants."

Sarah looked down at herself then back at Nick and shrugged. "So? I was hot, so I took them off." She stood defiantly before him wearing nothing but one of his old football jerseys from some charity game the previous year.

"Hot," he said. "Most definitely hot." He grinned again as she stood straighter and grinned back at him. "That shirt looks better on you than it does me," he said, stepping closer. "Now that you're living here with me you gonna dress like that all the time?"

"Maybe," she hedged. "It all depends."

"On what?" he took a step closer.

"Are you gonna dress like THAT all the time?"

"I bet we could work something out." He was standing less that a foot away

"I bet." She looked up at his face, resting her hands on his chest and felt his heart pounding beneath the soft fabric. Slowly she let her hands stroke across the broad expanse of muscle and smiled when her fingers brushed his nipples and he caught his breath. With a wicked grin she did it again and this time he groaned.


"What's wrong, Nicky?" His eyes were locked on hers and suddenly a very deep blue. She stretched up a bit on her tiptoes and touched her mouth to his. Slowly she pressed soft kisses to his lips as he did his best to hold out. It wasn't meant to be.

Nick wrapped his arms around Sarah, his hands grasping her bottom to pull her even closer. His hands brought her hips in contact with his thickening erection and as he lifted her toward him, his fingers slipped just beneath the edge of her silk undies to tease her soft flesh.

Sarah whimpered as his tongue glided across hers and a rush of wetness flooded her thighs. She reached to wrap her fingers in his hair and encountered his cap instead. Impatiently she pulled it off, tossing it somewhere across the room. Much better. Her long fingers ran through his damp hair and held him close, her tongue tangling with his as they devoured each other.

Nick could feel the heat rolling off of her in waves and tugged at the fabric of her panties until they fell to the floor at her feet. Returning his hands to her bottom he held her tightly, squeezing the flesh in his hands until she began to shift against him restlessly. Never moving his mouth from hers, he moved away just enough for her to pull his tank top up toward his shoulders, but when her fingers brushed his nipples once more he wrenched his mouth from Sarah's and pulled his top over his head and off, tossing it in the direction his hat had gone. He moaned as her lips fastened around one tiny bud, her tongue flicking it to a hard point. When she blew against it, he cursed under his breath.

Sarah's amused expression turned to one of surprise when he swiftly reached between her thighs, unerringly sinking two long fingers deep within her dripping cleft. Slowly he pressed into her, his thumb brushing rhythmically against her throbbing clit. She moaned as he stroked her, holding his broad shoulders for balance, her head tipping back with abandon. She was seconds away from coming when he withdrew his fingers, and let her go. Her support gone, she nearly tumbled into the boxes.

"Not yet," he whispered as he ran one wet finger against her lower lip and then sucked the other one clean. Slowly he took off his shoes and socks as Sarah watched in anticipation. Once off, he dropped his shorts and briefs to the floor freeing his throbbing erection. His eyes locked with hers and he wrapped his hand around himself and stroked slowly, sighing at how good it felt.

Sarah licked her lips and moved toward him, but he stopped her.

"Take it off," he whispered, indicating the jersey she was wearing.

Sarah crossed her arms in front of her, gathering the fabric in her fingers, slowly pulling the shirt up and off as Nick watched. The shirt was over her head and almost off when she found her arms tangled in the material and pinned behind her back.

Nick held her motionless, her body arched toward his as his mouth blazed a hot, wet trail from her ear to the valley between her breasts. Teasingly he licked her nipple, never taking it in his mouth, just flicking it back and forth and blowing on it, exactly like Sarah had done to him. He laughed as she groaned. "Paybacks, baby." He inflicted the same torture on its twin as Sarah arched toward him in vain. He licked a path around her breasts, nipping gently at the swollen flesh but never once stopping in one spot.

"Nick, please," Sarah whimpered. Her body was moist with sweat and she twisted in frustration against her bound hands.

"Like this?" he asked, wrapped his lips around one taut peak, sucking it hotly into his mouth.

"Yessss," she hissed in relief, her eyes clenched shut as she gave herself over to the feelings he was invoking. She felt his erect member brush her thigh and tried her best to get closer, but he eluded her every time.

"God Nick …" she whimpered. "Stop, please?"

"You don't mean that," he whispered, lifting his head.

"I need-"

"I know just what you need." In a flash he had her shirt off completely. Still holding her wrists, he spun her around, bending her over the tall box that held her clothing. It worked to his advantage that she instinctively reach out to break her fall, for now she was balanced perfectly on her hands as he moved behind her. With his feet he nudged her legs further apart and stepped between them. Perfect. Damn, this was perfect.

Sarah braced herself, lifting herself toward him, eagerly anticipating what was to come. She was close to begging when she felt him press his erection against her soaked flesh, teasingly rubbing it just barely into her hot opening and withdrawing. "More, god…" she whimpered.

Nick pressed into her just a little more, nearly losing control himself. Damn. She was so hot, so wet, and she fit him like a glove. That was all he could take. Tangling one hand in her long, dark hair, he pulled firmly as he simultaneously buried himself completely in her body. They groaned in unison as he held himself there, willing himself not to come.

Sarah gasped as he slammed into her. The feeling of his hand in her hair, his throbbing cock embedded in her was beyond belief. She would some quickly, no doubt. She heard Nick breathing heavily behind her and squeezed her inner muscles around him.

He groaned her name and swelled even more within her as he gave in to the need to move. He pulled all the way out, and before she could even feel the loss he was there again, pounding against her hips, deeper than before. He rocked against her and his free hand reached around her, slipping in the wet heat between her thighs. His thumb and forefinger sought out her throbbing bud and pulled on it in time with his thrusts. He felt her contractions begin and as she came her body gripped him tightly, sending him spinning out of control as well.

Sarah screamed his name as she came and as she felt him streaming into her, she also felt the rising of a second orgasm. She was shaking uncontrollably as he held her close, collapsing against her back.

Nick was spent. As he lay over Sarah he suddenly realized that they were moving. "Whoa!" he caught her just as the box they were balanced on slid forward and out from underneath them. Laughing, they collapsed on the floor in a sticky tangle of arms and legs. "Damn, baby, that awesome."

Sarah giggled. "I think the earth moved."

Nick laughed, holding her close. "Baby, it's not called 'moving day' for nothing."

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