Nancy's Stories

Birthday Surprise
"Birthday Surprise" by Nancy
Nick, rated PG
(added 8-11-03)
Written for my birthday *sigh*

Taken to Extremes
"Taken To Extremes" by Nancy
BSB, rated NC-17
(added 7-28-03)
Written for a list that I moderate
(in progress, updated 8-4-03)

Wander Lust "Wander Lust" by Nancy
Nick, some parts NC-17
(added 2-10-03)
updated weekly
a work in progress, this is linked to Nancy's site.
She asked if she could use my name in this story,
and I said yes! Enjoy!

"For Lynne" ... a companion piece to "Wander Lust"
added 4-4-03

For Becky .... by Nancy
"For Becky" by Nancy
Nick, rated NC-17
(added 1-1-03)
Written for me!

For Delia
"For Delia" by Nancy
A Nick fantasy, rated NC-17
(added 2-1-02)

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