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"No Secrets"
by Becca O.

For Sarah
Thanks to Kel for the original idea!

"As I was saying..." Sarah spoke loudly, addressing her comment to the tall, handsome man that slipped into the back door, "there will be some changes in the costuming for this leg of the tour. Check your daily schedule and make sure you're ON TIME for your fitting. We have to have everything ready for dress rehearsal on Friday."

"Aye aye, Captain," Nick snickered, giving her a mock salute.

"And don't you forget it," she countered, grinning at his brashness. "Class dismissed."

Everyone laughed, wandering away to either the catering table or the game room. Except one.

"Sorry I was late."

The deep voice was right behind her ear, and just the richness of it made her shiver.

"That's not like you, Kevin."

"Yeah, well ... stuff happens. So what did I miss?"

"Aside from the first set of fittings?" Sarah spoke more harshly than she intended, and was immediately contrite. "I'm sorry ... I shouldn't take it out on you. It's just- well, with Karen leaving so suddenly, all of this mess has fallen on my shoulders and time is running out." She sighed, rubbing her temples in a vain attempt to dispel the headache that was rapidly taking control of her brain.

"What can I do to help?" He had his strong, long fingers on her shoulders, his thumbs kneading the tight flesh and forcing her to relax.

"Mmmmm, God, keep that up for about three more hours?"

Kevin laughed softly. "Nothing I'd like better, but I have sound check in a few. I'll see you later for my fitting, all right?"

"I'll be here. Thanks, Kev."

Sarah had been with the tour as assistant wardrobe manager since it began in January. Now all hell had broken loose when Karen, the head of wardrobe, had run off with one of the roadies. The deadlines were right around the corner and it was going to take some creative miracles to pull it off. "Well, no time like the present ..." she mumbled to herself, pulling out her sketches and calculating the necessary fabric yardage.

She had no idea how much time had passed, but finally she had finished. She was almost certain that much of the costuming could be done with off-the-rack pieces, except for the new black and red tear-away costumes. She grinned to herself, remembering the first time she'd seen them do that number onstage. Management had given her a front row VIP pass, so she'd seen every last detail of the show. It was a riot! She loved watching them all, and loved even more the screams that greeted their thrusting and gyrations. Most of the audience seemed geared toward Nick or AJ, but for some reason she was drawn to Kevin.

She had watched, mesmerized, as he cast a smoldering glance at the women in the front row, thrust his pelvis forward and slowly ripped off his sleeve. Her professionalism went right out the window. Her eyes had wandered over his lean body, thinking things no costumer should ever think outside of the wardrobe room. Her face was flushed as she heard the guys wander back from rehearsal.

Somehow she managed to keep her mind on business as she marked hems and seams that needed re-fitting, and then chastised them all for taking advantage of the abundant free food in the venues. If they kept that up, she admonished, they'd have to hire a second staff just to let out the waists of their pants every night. "Well, except maybe you, AJ. No amount of free food will *ever* put an ass on you."

They all hooted, and eventually everything was finished. Time to call it a night. Except ...


"Kevin, I thought you left already."

"Umm, no." He hesitated.

"Is there a problem?"

"Well, I guess you could say that." He ducked his head, holding tighly to a pair of dark blue slacks.

"Those are your pants for "Get Another Boyfriend", right? They should be fine ... I used your standard measurement chart when I bought them." She watched Kevin, a puzzled look on her face.

"They're ok, I suppose, but sometimes..."

God, he was blushing. What the hell? "Kevin, you can talk to me, remember?" She pointed at the poster that followed them from venue to venue. It read: 'You have no secrets from your doctor or your costumer.' She'd seen one like it back in the theater department of her college and had one made especially for this job. Performing artists could be so weird about their bodies sometimes. She sighed.

"It's a guy thing." He paused. "Sometimes, when we're really into a number, the adrenalin gets going and it's just such a rush and ... well... we get-"

"Oh." Sarah suddenly realized what he was trying to say, then she grinned at his discomfort. "I thought only Nicky did that onstage?"

"No, it happens to all of us. And these pants are too damn tight to accomodate it."

She couldn't help it, her mind just went there; wandered right off the face of the earth to all sorts of visions of just what needed 'accomodating'.


It was her turn to blush. "Sorry," she mumbled. "Look, I'll need to take a new set of measurements. I know it's late, but now I'll have to start altering them first thing in the morning. Go put them on and I'll get my sizing chart."

Pulling out her 'Kevin' file, she made some notes as he changed.

"Ok, I'm ready, where do you want me?"

Sarah laughed. "That is SO a loaded question, Kevin." She motioned him over. "Step up on this stool, it's easier on my back than having to bend over."

"*Now* who's making loaded statements?" He smirked as she groaned at her own double entendre.

Obediently he climbed up and she immediately regretted asking him to. Now she was faced with the prospect having Kevin's crotch right at eye level.

"Um, ok. Hold still." Carefully she measured the outer seam from waist to hem, and quickly made a note. Next was the waist. No problem, right? The hips were next. *Damn, is it this warm in here?* she thought as he shifted from foot to foot.

Coincidentally, that was the same thing *he* was thinking. If she didn't hurry this up, she was going to get first hand knowldge of just how tight these damn pants were. And then she dropped her pen and cursed. God, no, don't wrap that thing around my hips again...

But she did. She was so flustered that when she dropped her pen she completely forgot what number she was supposed to write on the chart. She measured him again, and could swear that it was a different number, but it must be the late hour playing tricks with her.

"Ok, almost done," she said tightly. "Umm, move your feet apart, just a bit. I need to measure-"

"God, Sarah, just do it and get it over with, please?"

She was shocked by the outburst and couldn't help but take a good look at what was staring her in the face. "Oh my God-" she whispered.

"Sarah!" His tortured outburst set her in motion.

"Sorry. Hold still." With trembling fingers, she placed the tip of the tape measure right against the seam at his crotch, holding it in place with her thumb. With her left hand, she stretched it tight, right down the inseam to his bare foot.

She fumbled about, and twice lost hold of the tape measure. Every time she moved her thumb back into place Kevin's pants got tighter and tighter.

She felt him shudder beneath her fingers and looked up at him. His eyes were closed tightly and he held his body still just by sheer willpower. And it looked like there was precious little of *that* left. "Kevin?" she whispered.

Slowly his eyes met hers and the heat she saw within threatened to melt her. Moving her hand away from his inseam, he pulled her to her feet. "You, my sweet, are playing with fire."

"Who's playing?" she said, with more courage than she ever knew she possessed.

In one swift movement, Kevin jumped off the stool and had her in his arms. He held her against his body as his mouth ground against her lips. Brutally he kissed her, his lips working over hers until she gasped for air. As her lips parted, he gentled his touch, moving his mouth sensously against her, his smooth tongue easing the hurt.

He continued to kiss her as one hand slid beneath her t-shirt, encountering only skin. He pulled back, looking at her with amusement. He raised his eyebrows in question.

"It was hot, and I was more comfortable without one, ok?"

"Fine by *me*," he countered as his hand cupped her bare breast. He rubbed his thumb over her, all the while kissing her throat as she wrapped her hands through his hair. "This has to go." Kevin quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head and onto the floor, standing back to look at her. Dropping to his knees he leaned forward, stopping just inches away from her naked flesh.

Her attempts to pull him closer were met with strong resistance as he remained motionless, just breathing against her skin. He watched, fascinated, as even without his touch her nipples hardened with desire. Very slowy he moved closer, and touched her with just the tip of his tongue, laughing softly as she moaned. He continued to tease her, flicking his tongue back and forth, never giving in to her craving for his mouth.

Sarah was lost. At the first touch of his tongue on her breast, she felt a rush of heated moisture between her thighs and wanted him there to soothe the ache. "Kevin-" she groaned.

"Patience, baby." He looked up at her flushed face and smiled as his fingers popped the snap at her waist. Slowly, so slowly, he pulled the zipper open and kissed the bare flesh beneath. There was a tiny crease on her waist where the waistband had been too tight and he kissed it, licking along the line just above her panties.

"Oh god." Sarah beagn to shake as he pushed her jeans over her hips to pool at her ankles.

"Sarah, God, you're so hot. Do you want this?" He ran one finger beneath the leg of her panties to find her soaking wet. "I guess, so," he said, answering his own question. Standing up, he reached one hand into the front of her undies, and found his target with no hesitation whatsoever.

Sarah whimpered as he stroked her, swirling his fingers over her hidden bud and then dipping inside her to probe deeply. Her hips found his rhythm and she rotated against his hand as he brought her closer and closer to release.

Just when she thought it was all over, he pulled away. As he struggled with one hand to open his pants, he put his finger in his mouth and slowly sucked off her taste. He watched as she closed her eyes against the sight, one hand moving to cup her breast the other moving between her own thighs. As she pleasured herself he nearly lost control. With a violent motion, he swept everything from the cutting table onto the floor. He kicked his pants off and lifted her to the table and onto her back.

Sarah was lost in a haze, and as she lifted her knees, she felt herself pulled right to the edge of the table and Kevin was there, standing between her spread thighs, his erection in his hand.

For a long moment they simply watched each other and then Sarah was the one to break the silence.

"Please-" she begged.

Slowly he rubbed himself through her wetness, coating himself for entry. His erection swelled even more in his hand and it was time. Slowly and smoothly he pressed into her, only stopping when he was fully embedded in her flesh. It was amazing. He was so hard and Sarah could feel herself pulse around him. Slowly she tightened her muscles and was rewarded when he groaned. "Kevin?"

"Fast, baby," he said. "It's gonna be fast."

"Just do it, Kev." She locked her ankles behind his back and lifted her hips against him. Without hesitation he pulled away and slammed back against her, pushing the breath from her body.

Kevin's hands were beneath her hips in a futile attempt to bring her even closer as he pounded against her. He saw the fine sheen of perspiration that coated her body and watched in fascination as her eyes began to glaze and her lips parted in anticipation.

Her walls began to pulse around him and he knew she was close. "Sarah, c'mon." He urged her on, trying desprately to make her come first. Kevin felt the tension coil in her body and reached between them to press his hand where they were joined. God, he could feel her heat, and as he stroked her hardened bud he felt himself as he rocked against her. He managed to both stroke her and at the same grasp himself, and it was all over.

With a shout he poured himself into her as she cried out with release. They remained together as their bodies cooled, and eventually he softened and slipped away. Climbing up on the table beside her, he lay back with his hands over his eyes, his breathing still ragged.

Sarah began to giggle.

"What?" he asked, looking over beneath his arm.

"I had no idea, Kevin." She laughed again. "You definitely need bigger pants for that baby. You've been holding out on me."

"Just been waiting for the right time, I guess."

"And that was tonight?"

"Lucky you," he said with a grin.

"Yeah," she sighed, "lucky me."

"Wanta get lucky?" he whispered, his body covering hers once again.


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