**Author's note: This is the sequel to my previous work, "Show Me" (see link at bottom). I recommend you read that first, you won't be sorry!**

"My turn?"

God, I could swear his voice squeaked and it was all I could do not to laugh.

Shifting around on the couch, Nick tried in vain to move away from the wet spot on the cushion that was growing colder by the minute.

"But Nick, it's only fair," I pouted, scooting closer to him. There would be no escaping me tonight.

His only reply was a deep sigh that ruffled my hair; a sigh that held too many emotions to name.

"Bec -" his voice was hoarse as he tipped my face up to his, pressing his mouth to mine. He coaxed my lips apart and his tongue sought entry, teasing me with its light strokes.

I felt another rush of moist heat between my legs when his fingers found my breast. Cupping its weight in his hand, he flicked his thumb over the swollen peak and my entire body tensed with anticipation.

My hand reached for him. Grasping his swollen length gently, I stroked from base to tip and back again. I was rewarded for my efforts as his hips began to rock against me, encouraging my movements.

So easy. It would have been so incredibly easy to just give in, to accept the pleasure he was giving me and to give it all back in return.

But no. I had other plans.

Forcing myself from his arms, I kissed him lightly and pushed myself to my feet. He began to protest, but I paid no heed. Pulling my silk nightshirt around me, I simply smiled and turned towards the bedroom.

Mounting the stairs, it took all my willpower not to look back. He would follow; it would only be a matter of moments.

Entering the master suite, I dropped my nightshirt on the floor just inside the doorway. Dimming the lights, I proceed to the bathroom. I must add for the record, that this is not just any bathroom… this is more like something from a late-night fantasy. The large sunken tub in the corner is surrounded by a glass brick enclosure. Once inside, the distortions in the bricks play tricks with the lighting and conceal, yet also reveal, much to the outside observer. The shower is to die for. Triple heads extend from the ceiling and from past experience, I know they can be aimed just so … imagine steamy points of pleasure massaging your weary body from all sides... This was going to be good.

Evil? You think I am? Well, Nick probably did too, but I was going to make it up to him. Besides, you know what they say about paybacks and I owed him one. Oh yes.

But I digress.

Turning on the shower, I set it to a soothing, pulsating flow and stepped in. Oh, mercy, the water felt wonderful, the rhythmic waves only exacerbating the tension that had been building.

I sensed him behind me even before I felt his hands on my body. I couldn't suppress a moan when he stepped up against me, his hardness pressing against the crease in my bottom. His lips pressed against the base of my neck, right where it slopes to my shoulder, and his tongue traced miniscule patters on the water droplets. He knows this is my 'spot' and it never fails. Becoming lost in the moment, I felt his hands skim over me. Cupping my breasts in his hands, he gently kneaded them before sliding his hands down my sides and grasping my hips.

Holding me against him, he rocked gently against me, slipping one hand between my thighs. I was soaked with my need and he trembled as he traced my heated flesh with his index finger.

I wanted him. I needed him. But not yet, I'd already had my turn, now it's his.

I turned in his arms and pulled his mouth to mine. Grasping my bottom in his large hands, he pulled me against him and I felt his need. I slip my hand between us and take him in my fingers, my thumb spreading the silky droplets that have formed at the tip. Finding his rhythm, I can see that he will not last much longer.

Cruelly, I slow my pace and the agony in his groan is pitiful.

He releases his hold on me and wraps his hand around mine to guide my movements.

"God, baby, don't stop," he whispers. Pumping my hand he tries in vain to set the rhythm into motion once again.

In the heat of the moment, I have traded places with him and he hasn't even noticed. Wrapping my free hand around his, I carefully remove the other leaving him the aggressor against his own body. As he did with me, I guide his hand against his flesh, mesmerized as I watch him pleasure himself. I can only imagine the other times he has done this in the solitude of the night.

"Becca …"

He has realized that I am no longer a participant, but a witness to his gratification. Helpless to stop himself, he continues.

"Nick, let it go," I whisper, encouraging him in his mission.

He leans back against the glass brick wall, bracing his feet as he pulls at his rock hard flesh. His eyes are closed in concentration and he is beautiful. His lips are parted and his breathing is shallow and I want desperately to touch him, but I dare not.

Settling for second best, I touch myself.

I must have made a sound, because his eyes were on me and it sent him plummeting over the edge. Calling out my name, he sthffened and came, covering himself with the creamy warmth. Sweet god, I'd never seen anything like it.

And I was close. So close. And Nick knew it.

Pushing me back against the wall he dropped to his knees before me and, without preamble, pressed his mouth to my heated center. His tongue found my swollen flesh and teased me wickedly.

I gave myself up to the sensations. Grasping his head in my hands, I wove my fingers through his damp hair and held him against me as he brought me closer and closer to pure heaven.

Close. Dear God, I was so close. I began to move against him searching urgently for relief and suddenly … ohmygod … he began to hum against my flesh and the vibrations and pull of his lips and the stroking of his tongue…

I was there.

I came and I came some more and then I was in his arms on the floor of the shower, the water cascading in rivulets off of our bodies.

"Nick, that was -"

"Payback. And you know what they say about paybacks."

"Mmm hmm. Paybacks are-"



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