The Payoff

Ah yes .... more fun with Truth or Dare. Many of you asked for more after I posted "The Dare," including those that had issued the original challenge. Before I had a chance to figure out just how to continue it, they issued this challenge and gave me just the setup I needed. Thanks to Heidi for the use of her pic. I didn't ask if I could use it, so the tag is there for all to see.

Now imagine you are Kevin... you saw the kiss... you saw Becky whisper
something to Nick... he blushed... and now he is heading over to you...
tell us what happened after this!!!!!

"The Payoff"

Never a dull moment. I had to laugh as I watched Bec walk over to Brian, there was a determined look in her eye that was unusual for her. Something was about to happen, and by the look on Nick's face, it was something he hadn't expected. Damn him anyway, he was always doing this kind of shit. Putting people on the spot with his stupid little dares. Damn, I didn't think she had it in her. I watched as she said something to Brian, and then nearly choked on my beer when they kissed. This was no friendly peck on the cheek, either. I was in just the right spot to be able to see just how deep it was.

Brian held her close as he worked his mouth over hers, and every once in a while I caught a glimpse of someone's tongue. Even over the party noise I could hear her moan, and Brian's arms held her up when her knees threatened to buckle. I managed to tear my eyes away and saw the look on Nick's face: shock, amazement, even a touch of what looked like horror. But why, I wondered? This was obviously what he'd wanted and Bec had given it to him in spades. He'd begun to sweat as they broke the kiss and I grinned as I watched Bec give Brian a chaste, sisterly kiss on the cheek before turning back to Nick. Brian looked smug and quite pleased with himself, and was also watching to see what would happen next.

Bec sauntered back over to where Nick was shifting restlessly from foot to foot and whispered something in his ear. He pulled back quickly, and looked at me. At me? What the hell? I could tell he was protesting whatever she'd said, but it looked like she'd come out the winner in Nick's little game tonight and he was being forced to pay off the dare. He tried to argue his way out of it, but she turned him around and pushed him in my direction.

That's when I saw her grin at me and give me a thumbs up, and it suddenly hit me what was about to happen. Several weeks earlier, she and I had been hanging backstage while Nick did his sound check. The conversation turned to Nick and his silly little dares, and had eventually evolved into a discussion of our fantasies. And it looked like hers was about to come true. I could do this, for her. Hell, I could do this for *me*. And there he was, right in front of me.

Nick stood there, not saying a word. If he thought I was going to make this easy for him, he was sadly mistaken. I looked at him, grinning and maintaining my silence.

"Umm ... Kev ..." was all he could manage.

"Nick," I said calmly. "What can I do for you?" I was going to make him ask me for it and I was going to enjoy every second of watching him squirm. Paybacks are a bitch, and he'd baited Bec one time too many.

"I ... umm ..." He cleared his throat before trying to spit out what he wanted.

I reached out and softly traced his cheek with my index finger as I whispered, "You lost the dare, didn't you, Nick?" He jumped at my touch and I could hear the quick breath the took.


"You never expected her to do it, did you. But you know what, Nick? She's just as fed up with your little games as everyone else is. And now the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it Nicky?" I held his chin in my hand, rubbing my thumb over his lower lip as I watched his eyes darken. "Time to pay off," I whispered.

"Kevin, I don't think-"

"I know, Nick, that's your main problem, you just don't think. Maybe that will change now." I dropped my hand away from his face and relief washed over him; he thought I was through with him.

He was wrong.

He started to turn away, but I stopped him with a deep command. "Going somewhere? You're not finished yet."


"I'm waiting, Nick. It's all up to you now." I watched the indecision in his eyes and knew he was too proud to walk away and be called a loser, and that's what I'd been counting on. I smiled as he stepped right up to me, our faces even with each other. When did he get so tall? Without another sound he pressed his mouth to mine, but when he would have pulled quickly away, I wrapped my arms around him to hold him in place. There was no way he was going to get away with a quick kiss, not after all he'd put everyone else through for all these years.

As I held him, I touched my tongue to his lips and he gasped. Just what I'd hoped for. I took advantage of it, and swept my tongue inside his mouth, stroking his as he moaned. I knew I'd won when he put his arms around me and began to kiss me back. His hands moved up and over my back to tangle in my hair and damn ... the game had changed. This was suddenly no longer about a lost bet, this was just fucking erotic as hell. I needed to feel him closer and I held his ass in my hands, grinding my hips against his, hard flesh meeting equally hard flesh. I groaned as he returned the movement and was left standing in shock as he suddenly pulled away.

He stood looking me over, running his hands through his hair as his eyes settled on the very obvious proof of what he'd done to me. My jeans felt two sizes too small and to adjust myself in the middle of this crowd was not an option.

He smirked at me, that damn look that turns women on and infuriates the hell out of me. "We're even now, Kev. Later, man."

Turning around, he swaggered back to where Bec was waiting for him with a dazed look on her face. She grabbed his hand and pulled him from the room, not caring that everyone present knew where they were going and what they were going to do.

I watched them leave and I smiled. "Even? That's what he thinks," I mumbled. "This night isn't over yet."

One more part .... "Calling It Even" (part 3)

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