Another story challenge:
"You come home from work early to find your fiancé Nick *ehem* *pleasuring* himself.
Do you stand and watch? or do you help him out.."

"Damn rain …" I muttered as I locked the front door behind me. It was bad enough I was teaching a night class this semester, but to have to hike all the way out to the student parking lot in a summer downpour was like adding insult to injury. I sighed as I shook the water from my hands and kicked off my soaking wet leather sandals. It was just one of the perks of being a grad student; getting to pay my dues by teaching the classes no self-respecting professor would ever want. Ten o'clock at night … I should have been home hours ago, especially since Nick was here. He actually had a week of down time, but there was no way for me to get out of work.

"But Nick," I'd pouted, "I'll be so late getting home tonight …"

"Baby, it's okay," he'd assured me, holding my face tenderly in his hands and kissing me gently. "I'm a big boy now, I can amuse myself till you get home. Just go do what you gotta do and hurry back."

I had driven all the way to the local college in a romantic haze, awash in the soft fuzzy feelings of being newly engaged. Nick had proposed just two weeks ago and I don't think my feet had touched the ground ever since. Speaking of Nick … The house was dark, and he said he'd be home waiting for me. Oh well, maybe he'd decided to go out with one of his friends after all. Not that it bothered me, I was never very possessive of Nick's time, I was just curious as to where he might be. I was about to find out.

The cool air in the house was making me shiver, and as I walked from the front hall toward my bedroom, I began to peel off my wet things. I was down to my bra and panties, and I stopped to toss my clothes through the guest bathroom door and into the tub. I'd deal with them later. I wrung my hair out over a towel and proceeded on toward the bedroom, but a flickering light from the den caught my eye. The television was on, but from the doorway I couldn't quite see what it was, and the sound was turned down. I smiled, assuming Nick had turned on a movie and fallen asleep waiting for me. I was almost right.

I heard a sound from where I thought he was, the sofa, and as I came closer I had to clap a hand over my mouth to stifle the cry that rose up within me. Nick was home, watching a movie, and it was quite obvious that the television wasn't the only thing that was turned on. My eyes darted between the screen and Nick. Nick, who was tanned, newly buff and stark naked; the screen which was currently showing the only existing video of Kevin and me making love on Nick's birthday a year ago; back to Nick, who was gloriously aroused, his hand wrapped securely around his massive erection and who was moaning my name.

I watched, fascinated by the energy that lay just beneath the surface. A few more minutes and all of the pent up tension would be released in an exquisite orgasm, an orgasm that I would have no part of. Maybe. The cold was no longer an issue, and the way my nipples peaked beneath the damp silk had nothing to do with the air in the room. It had everything to do with the beautiful specimen that I was watching. I watched the muscles in his arm flex as he stroked himself and as the tip of his cock began to weep in anticipation he sighed, his opposite hand coming up to spread the wetness over the swollen purple head. Unconsciously, I licked my lips, remember the salty sweet taste of him and I was suddenly jealous of his hand. I watched the stiffened length as it pumped against his fingers and could feel the dampness flood my thighs as I remembered exactly what it felt like as he drove it home into my willing body just hours earlier.

I wanted it, no, I craved it again. I must have made a noise because his sex-roughened voice spoke to me.

"Your choice, baby," he panted. "You can watch or you can come … help… but I’m almost done here." His hand moved harder and faster and I made my decision.

In less than a second I was standing between him and the video, and god, he was beautiful. There was not an ounce of embarrassment on his face as he pleasured himself for me, and not an ounce on mine as I reached behind my back to unhook my bra. I tossed the damp silk aside, and as my breasts sprang free, I cupped them in my warm hands, brushing my thumbs over my nipples and smiling as Nick groaned, his movement faltering just slightly.

I had him now, and his eyes locked with mine as I smiled sweetly. I licked my lips, my eyes moving to his penis, which appeared ready to burst, and he groaned again. "Fuck, Bec-"

Slowly, I slipped my thumbs beneath the elastic of my panties and pushed them over my hips and down my legs. They caught on my calves, and so I bent over to pull them off and had to stifle a laugh at the tortured sound that came from his throat. "Slow down, Nick," I said. He groaned, and I insisted, "I mean it, Nick. Stop!"

"Wha-" He was so taken aback at my tone of voice that he complied. His hand stilled, and although he still held himself firmly, he waited and watched.

"Not without me, Nick. Not without me." Purposefully I moved closer, placed one knee by his right hip and swung myself over so that I hovered above him. Barely, just barely, I allowed myself to touch the tip of his cock, sliding my dewy wetness against him and then pulling away.

Nick's eyes were dark with desire, and his magnificent body glistened. "Please, baby," he begged. "Do it."

"Do what, Nicky?" I whispered, my lips just barely grazing his, my tongue reaching out to touch his lower lip. "Say it Nick," I encouraged softly.

With a ragged voice that begged for relief he whispered, "Fuck me."

"Help me, Nick." I looked to where our bodies met, and watched as he held himself steady for me. I watched him disappear into my body and I felt the emptiness within me dissipate as it was replaced with exquisite relief, the ecstasy of being completely joined with the one I loved. I remained still, and simply enjoyed the wonderful fullness as he stretched my body to its limits. I felt him pulse within me and I could no longer remain still. The need to move was impossible to deny.

Arching my back, I rode him, his hands at my hips to guide me, my breasts teasing his lips. He caught one swollen nipple between his teeth and as he sucked at my flesh I could feel the tingling begin. His hips rose to meet me as I slammed against him, the sounds of dampened flesh echoing through the room. "Oh yes," I whimpered, the tightened coil about to burst, "oh please."

I was not above begging.

"Come on, cum with me," he whispered, surging into me and lifting me higher and higher.

I tipped my head back, crying out as his hand touched me where we joined, and as his fingers slipped into the slick heat, I shattered. As I throbbed around him, I felt him swell even more and then it was over. With an answering cry, everything he'd been holding back was freed and he filled me with his seed, and I'd never felt more loved.

He held me close, our bodies still joined as the summer rain pelted the windows. As our breathing slowed and we drifted toward sleep, he stroked my hair. "One request …"

"Mm hmm …" I murmured, agreeable to almost anything.

He kissed my forehead gently, and I could hear the smile in his voice. "Next time, next time I get to watch."


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