"The Presentation"

*For Bec*
By Kel ~ 2001

I slid into the dimly lit conference room and closed the door behind myself quietly so not to draw her attention to me. For a long time I stood there in the shadows watching her working over her laptop with a pen tucked behind her ear, and one clenched between her teeth. Occasionally she'd push her small glasses up her nose with the tip of her middle finger, as they'd begin to slide down her face. The room was completely silent except for the occasional clicking of her fingers on the keyboard or the sound that her fingernail made when she dragged it lightly across the touch pad.

I smiled as she mumbled various obscenities at the laptop that she frequently referred to as Satan's Son, and decided that the time to let my presence be known had come. "I think you need a break." I said quietly as I stepped out of the shadow and toward her slowly.

I was surprised that she hadn't jumped at my voice, she'd simply turned in her swiveling chair crossing one long leg over the other and met my eyes with her own and she smiled, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." I nodded as I grabbed one of the chairs and rolled it toward her. I sat in the chair facing her, and leaned back watching her watch me. "How's it going?"

"Don't ask." she groaned and then smiled.

"Too late, I already did."

"So you did." she nodded and then sighed as she turned her chair slightly to look at the laptop. "It's going okay. Satan's Son is being fairly well behaved tonight. I just can't believe I lost the whole presentation Nicky. It was so good before."

I smiled supportively and leaned forward with my elbows resting on my knees as I reached out for her hands and pulled her chair closer to me. After working on a presentation for nearly a month, all of her reasons for calling the laptop Satan's Son came into fruition as four nights prior, the hard drive crashed eating the entire slide presentation while she attempted to make a back up of it. After crying in my arms and threatening to give up all together and quit her job, she'd begun working on the presentation again, with only paper copies of the slides to refresh her memory of how it had looked the first time around. Four long days and nights later, she was less than twenty-four hours away from the big presentation. "It'll be just as good this time too, if not better." I smiled.

She studied my hands as they encased hers and shrugged, "I hope so."

"I know so." I added quietly and then lifted her hands to my lips kissing her fingers gently. Pulling her chair so that my knees were on either side of her legs and her knees touched the edge of my chair I leaned forward and pulled her into a kiss. Slowly I pressed my lips against hers before easily parting them with my tongue and sliding it into her mouth. She quickly responded and I felt her hands circle around my waist underneath my jacket and her tongue dueled with mine expertly. After a moment I pulled away placing assorted kisses on her lips and smiled as she looked into my eyes with so much love. "Do you know how much I love you baby?"

"Half as much as I love you." she smiled and I shook my head.

"Not even possible." I ran my hands over her knees and then looked down at them before looking back up to her eyes with a smile, "No nylons."

She chuckled and nodded, "I got hot."

I raised an eyebrow and shot her a grin, "Thinking of me again huh?"

"Always baby." she said seductively and then laughed pushing her chair away from me. "Now get out, I've got work to do." She turned back to her laptop and pretended to shoo me away with her hand. I ignored her and picked up the remote to the Proxima and started pressing buttons fiddling with it. I managed to turn the machine on and the screen that she was looking at on her laptop showed up on a large screen across the room from us. "Nick!" she squealed and grabbed the remote from me as I laughed.

"Yes?" I responded innocently with a chuckle.

She groaned and shook her head, "Tell me again why I date someone so young."

"Sex drive." I shrugged and picked at my fingernail before biting on it gently.

"Oh yeah." she smiled and winked as she set the remote down on the other side of her laptop so that I couldn't reach it.

"Have you eaten?" I asked quietly a few minutes later as I sat watching her work quietly. I never got tired of just watching her. Even when she was totally engrossed in something like her work, or reading a book, or painting her toe nails. I just loved watching her. I loved the way her short blonde hair would fall from behind her ear and yet she'd keep pushing it back like maybe if she did it one more time it might stay, but it never did. I loved how she pushed her glasses up her nose gently by pushing them by the sides, not in the middle over her nose, and I loved how she chewed on pens and pencils while she was deep in thought.

She smiled, still looking at her laptop and glanced down at the clock in the lower right hand corner of the screen, "A few hours ago."

"Chinese or Mexican?"

"Actually I had a craving for Burger King after playing with your action figure while I was in my office on the phone, so I sent Randy to get me a kids meal."

I smiled, "That's cute. but I meant do you want Chinese or Mexican?"

She laughed and looked up at me, "Oh." I grinned and stuck my tongue out at her. "You pick." she smiled.

I got up and crossed the room picking up the phone that was at the end of the large conference table and sat on the edge of the table as I dialed the number from memory and ordered our "usual." Thirty minutes later the conference table was scattered with cartons of assorted Chinese foods and Bec had her bare legs stretched out with her legs crossed at the ankles perched on the table. Her already short skirt was riding higher on her thighs from the position that she was sitting in and I couldn't help but sneak glances at her glorious legs as we traded storied about our day.

"You know Carter." she laughed shooting me a glance as she held her fork out to me with a piece of shrimp on it for me. I took the bite and she looked back down into the carton digging for more shrimp, "You think I don't notice you drooling at my legs here?"

I blushed and laughed, "No. I was pretty sure you saw me looking." I picked up a napkin and pretended to wipe drool from my face. "Do you know what you do to me?"

She grinned an evil grin and unbuttoned her blouse far enough so that I could just see a peak of her bra between her full breasts. "Oh yeah baby." She fanned herself tipping her head back and arching her spine in the chair looking at me and seductively licked her lips before giggling and sitting back up in her chair. She reached up and pushed her glasses back up on her nose. "So you wanna hear my speech and see my presentation?"

I sighed and shifted in my chair. Her little show in the chair had stirred me up and suddenly my pants just didn't seem to fit right. "You really suck sometimes you know that?"

She stood up and bent down to kiss my cheek, giving me a nice view down her blouse, which only turned me on more, "Yeah I do. and you love it. What was it you called out last night while I was sucking?" She giggled and turned the Proxima back on and fiddled with her laptop while I groaned. "Oh yeah." she smiled as she pulled her presentation up on the screen. "I think it was 'Oh yeah Bec. oh gawd baby. suck me hard.'" She laughed so hard that her shoulders shook and I couldn't help but laugh with her.

"I could go home you know. just leave you all alone to work all night while I go out clubbing with the guys."

"Yeah but then you wouldn't get laid because you'd come home drunk after I was already sound asleep." she smiled as she struggled to push my chair into a better spot. "You could help here you know." she grunted and I helped glide the chair across the floor with my feet. "Good. Sit there, and watch." She used another remote to dim the lights in the room and the screen that showed her presentation glowed as the brightest object in the room. "Ready?"

I made myself comfortable in the chair and nodded, "Yup."

Bec slid onto the table letting her legs dangle and I smiled as she chuckled, "I won't sit on the table tomorrow. I'll be up there." she pointed. "But for you I'll sit."

I nodded and smiled and looked back to the screen. She proceeded to walk through her entire presentation, and as I'd imagined, it really was better than the original. Every so often I'd stop watching the screen and instead would watch her. She spoke with her hands and I loved it. She was so into what she was talking about that it showed on her face and in her voice. When she had a passion about something it definitely shined through. She stopped talking when she saw me staring at her and smiled, "You're beautiful." I whispered.

She smiled and blushed, "You're supposed to be listening to the presentation." she laughed and adjusted her glasses.

"The presentation." I said as I stood up and walked over to the table and stood between her legs. "It wonderful, just like I knew it would be. You're going to be fantastic. But I can't keep my eyes off of you." I licked my lips at the thoughts running through my head, ". and I don't want to keep my hands off of you anymore either." She looked up at me with a smile and I brushed my thumb over her lips carefully, tracing their shape delicately. "I love you." I sighed as she kissed the surface of my thumb and put her hands on my hips.

"I love you too Nicky." she said in a breathy voice as I moved my thumb from her lips and dragged it down her neck slowly. I began unbuttoning the rest of the buttons of her blouse and she put her hands over mine, "Nick."

"Shh." I said placing a finger over her lips. "I locked the door when the food came." I smiled. She glanced at the door and then back to me. I stepped closer to her and the table as I slid her blouse down off of her arms and into a small heap on table. Her chest was heaving as she clearly gained excitement from my actions and I smiled. I traced my finger along the thin fabric of her bra and watched as her body reacted to my touch. I bent my head to her chest, not wanting to wait to taste her sweet skin and slowly ran my tongue along her skin where it met the fabric of her bra. She let out a breathy moan and I smirked looking up at her. "Like that." She bit her bottom lip looking up at me and nodded. "Good. cause I'm going to do so much more than that." I reached out and gently took the frames of her glasses between my fingers as I pulled her glasses from her face and her eyes looked up at me, never losing contact with mine. I placed her glasses on the table and then slid my hands over her ass pulling her closer to me. Her skirt was already hiked dangerously high on her thighs and I pushed it further as I leaned in toward her letting her feel my excitement against her body.

Her head tipped back and her eyes closed as she felt my erection pressing against her through our clothes and I ground my hips against her slowly before dipping my head to her neck. As I suckled the flesh behind her ear I worked at freeing her breasts from her bra and quickly began messaging them. "Nicky. oh god." she moaned and reached out and began unbuttoning my pants.

"No no." I smiled as I stepped back and smiled as she whined.

"Why?" she panted.

"You deserve to be rewarded." I said quietly as I stepped back between her legs running my fingers over the inside of her thighs slowly. "You've worked so hard on this presentation." I said glancing at the screen which was still showing one of her slides and was dimly lighting the conference room.

"But I." she began until I placed a finger over her mouth. I moved my finger and replaced it with my lips, easily sliding my tongue past her lips and exploring her mouth with my own. She ran her fingers through my hair driving me wild and I slid my hand back up the inside of her thigh feeling the warmth radiating from between her legs. As my fingers stroked over her damp panties my cock throbbed and she pushed her hips toward my hand, "Please." Her plead only made me want her more and I obliged her wish as I slid my hand into her panties and parted her wet folds with my fingers. She let out a gasp as my index finger slowly traced it's way up her slit, circled her clit, and then pushed inside of her. I watched as she leaned back using her hands to keep herself propped up on the table and her head fell backward in pleasure. "Yes." I pushed a second finger and then a third into her as she began moving her hips in conjunction with the movement of my hand.

Just the feeling of her warmth surrounding my fingers made me want to rip all of her clothes off as well as my own and pound myself into her, yet I didn't. I continued to probe her with my fingers until her walls began closing in on me and just before she reached the point of no return, I pulled away. She lifted her head looking at me as she panted and I grinned as I sucked her juices from my fingers slowly. She groaned and reached her hands out to me and I took them and raised them over her head. "Lay back baby." I whispered and guided her back onto the table. My hands traced the lines of her body until they met her skirt and I tugged it and her panties from her body, leaving her lying gloriously naked before me on the table.

She glanced down at my crotch and grinned, "I can help you with that baby."

I nodded and placed my hands on the table on either side of her body, "Soon. but not yet." Before she could respond my head was between her legs and my mouth was sucking at the tender flesh of her thighs. Again, her hands found their way into my hair and I let my tongue take the path that my fingers had just a few moments before as she called out my name. I lapped at her velvety walls and inhaled her amazing scent.

She mumbled incoherent words as my tongue probed her innermost parts and brought her dangerously close again to a release before pulling away. "God damn it Nick." she sighed looking up at me.

I chuckled looking down at her, "Yes?"

"Fuck me."

"Okay." I said quickly as any more thoughts of teasing her flew from my mind and fumbled trying to undo my pants and push them down with my boxers. She sat up and pulled my shirt over my head throwing it to the floor as she began licking my chest and I rolled my eyes into my head. "Jesus Bec." I sighed as her tongue worked it's magic over my nipples and her hands moved down my body to my aching erection which I'd finally managed to free from it's fabric prison.

She looked up at me and smiled, "I want you now." I growled at her and pushed her back onto the table as I crawled over her and thrust myself deep inside of her in one movement. I moved my hips in waves toward her body, pushing as deep as I could into her and she met my movements with her own as her sweaty skin made squeaking noises against the smooth surface of the table. "Talk to me Nicky."

"You feel so good." I groaned as she tensed and released her muscles around me purposely. "Oh yeah baby. yeah I like that."

"More baby." she moaned in my ear as I began sucking on her neck again. "Tell me more."

"I. oh fuck." I moaned as she squeezed my ass and pulled me closer to her than I thought possible. "I."

"Tell me what you want to do to me." she whispered and then moaned throatily as I pushed deeper inside of her. "Yeah."

"I want to feel you cum. I want to fuck you until you cum around me and I want to cum with you."

"Yes." she moaned and I could feel her walls beginning to twitch again. "Harder Nicky."

Her words were turning me on like I couldn't believe and my cock felt like it was going to explode it was so hard. I slid my arm under one of her thighs and lifted it, giving myself better access to her and pulled her body closer to the edge of the table so that I could put my feet back on the ground for better balance. I then began pounding her as I'd fantasized about earlier. I could tell that I was going to bruise my thighs from hitting them on the edge of the table with each of my thrusts, but it felt so good fucking her and I was so turned on that I didn't care.

"Oh god. yeah. I'm. oh shit I'm there. cum with me Nicky." she cried and looked up at me squeezing her own breasts in her hands tightly.

I groaned a wordless sound and felt my balls tighten and my body began to shake as my release washed over me and hers hit at the same time. My hips continued moving on their own as I fell forward onto her chest breathing heavily until finally I'd expelled all that I could deep within her. When I pulled out of her I kissed her deeply and then smiled at her as I laid atop of her body on the table. "You're amazing."

She smiled up at me and ran her fingers through my sweaty hair, "And you. I think I'm going to hire you as my personal assistant."

We both chuckled and I ran my fingers up and down the side of her body gently, "I think I'd like that. Just think of how often I could reward you."

"Baby if I had that kind of reward after every completed assignment. I'd become a workaholic."

I smiled again, "So. did you want to show me the rest of your presentation?"

She smiled and began stroking my length with her hands working it once again to a hardened state, "It looks like we've got a new development to focus on right now. the rest of the presentation can wait."

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