The Nick Vignettes


updated 9-16-03

Well, my friends, these little ditties seem to have taken on a mind of their own!

The stories on this page were inspired by the picture that accompanies
the first vignette. A comment by a friend set the ideas into motion and from there
they took on a mind of their own! Some of the following stories are not appropriate for those under 18,
as they contain sexual themes. If you are not of age, please respect these ratings
and refrain from reading. I bear no responsibility for those that ignore my request.

As usual, I do not personally know any members of the BSB or their pencils or any other inanimate object mentioned herein. As if!

"I Am Nick's Pencil" (rated R)

"I Am Nick's Washcloth" (rated NC-17)

"I Am Nick's Stick" (rated R)

"I Am Nick's Sheets" (rated PG)

"I Am Nick's Fork" (rated PG)

"I Am Howie's Fork" (rated PG)
(A companion piece by Rho. I think they must have the same silver pattern or something!)

"I Am Nick's Barbells" (rated PG)

"I Am Nick's Guitar" (rated PG)

"I Am Nick's M and M's" (rated PG-13)

"I Am Nick's Family Jewels" (rated PG-13)

"I Am Nick's Hat" (rated PG)

"I Am Nick's Wedgie" (rated PG-13)

"I Am Nick's Boat" (rated G)

"I Am Howie's Mike Pack" (rated PG-13)

"The Vignette" ... aka "I Am Nick's Tongue" (rated NC-17)

"I Am Kevin's Camcorder" (rated R)
(added 3-19-02)

"I Am Nick's Security Blanket" (rated G)

"I Am Nick's Blue Silk Bra" (rated G)
(added 7-9-02)

"I Am Nick's Underwear" (rated PG)
By Rho, (added 12-1-02)

"What Am I?" (rated PG)
By Ilse, (added 9-16-03)

To be continued ...

Wow! My Nick Vignettes are famous!

How cool!

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