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"Mmm..." Sleepily I snuggled back against the warm body stretched out behind me on the sofa. "What time is it?"

"Hey baby," the quiet whisper ruffled my hair as a soft kiss landed on the top of my head. "It's almost one."

"Ohh," I groaned. "You mean I-"

"Missed the end of the movie again," he chuckled. "Third time this week, baby."

"It's not funny, Nick. How you can watch this stuff is beyond me."

"You dissin' my taste in videos again? Best watch your manners," he said, and I could hear the grin in his voice.

Wrapping his arm around me to hold me in place, I felt him reach for the remote control with his other hand. I kept my eyes closed, simply enjoying the feeling of everyday normalcy that came with evenings like this; evenings away from the crowds and the spotlight.

The distinct sounds of channel surfing commenced, and I giggled as he made the rounds through the myriad of late night offerings. Let's see ... there's a western ... definitely something sci-fi ... infomercial ... wait, what's this? Without even opening my eyes I knew that he had stumbled across an adult channel. I heard a quiet *wow* behind me before he shifted uncomfortably and moved on to another show.

"Wait, go back. That sounded interesting."

"I don't think so, let's find a movie."

"Nicky," I cajoled, "that *was* a movie."

"Becca, I said no."

Twisting sideways, I managed to take him by surprise, wrestling the remote from his fingers. Swatting at the hand that tried to take it back from me, I pushed the *back* button several times until I found what I was looking for.

"Oh my God," I breathed. "I didn't know that was physically possible." Watching the scene unfold before me, I was dumbfounded. I was about to ask why anyone would watch this garbage when I felt a not-so-subtle stirring against my backside. "So," I questioned with a smirk, "you like this kind of stuff?" Craning my neck around to look at his face, my bottom pressed against the growing evidence of his arousal.

Nick struggled to get comfortable, shifting away from me ever so slightly.

"Well ..." his voice trailed away in embarrassment.

"Talk to me, Nick. " As I waited for his answer, I stroked my hands over his thighs, soft beneath his powder blue sweatpants.

"It's a guy thing."


"It's a *what*?"

"A guy thing. You know, it's just something us guys like to do." He was beginning to sound very defensive.


"*Why*? You're not serious, right?"

I didn't answer, I only lay there looking up at him, patiently awaiting some sort of logic to flow from his luscious lips.

"I dunno, I guess some of us just like to *watch*."

Something in the way he looked at me as his voice trailed away made the hair on my neck stand on end. Opening my mouth to comment, I found no sound forthcoming.

"It's all fantasy, Bec. Haven't you ever had a fantasy?" he whispered sensually.

"Well, sure, but-"

"What kind?" His free hand began stroking me, down my side and back up over my hip.

"You're not playing fair ..." My breath caught as he brushed his fingers over my breast. Immediately my nipple swelled against his touch and I was reminded exactly why I love wearing silk nightshirts.

"Do you think of me? Is that it?" His tongue traced the rim of my ear as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.


His erection throbbed against my back and moisture pooled between my thighs.

"Do you think of me when you touch yourself?" I flushed crimson at his question and he chose that very moment to press a hand between my legs.

"That's *my* fantasy, you know." His voice was hypnotic `nd his fingers had found their way beneath the elastic band of my panties. "God, Bec, you're so wet. Do you like it when I touch you?"

I could only moan and nod my head. His fingers were doing the most incredible things to me.

"Show me."


Somehow my panties were around my ankles. How *did* he do that?

"Show me what you do, alone at night."

"Nick, I've never-"

"Never?!" He slipped one finger between my moist folds. God he was good.

"No, not *never*, I mean--" I gasped, arching my back as his finger found my clit, circling steadily in the damp heat. "I mean ... god... I mean I've never done it ... oh ... in front of anyone..." He was killing me slowly and I needed to be put out of my misery.

"Please baby? Do it for me?"

I whimpered as he pulled us both to a more upright position, never once taking his hands from my body. Settling me snugly between his thighs, he began unbuttoning my nightshirt and his lips trailed a moist path from my ear to the base of my neck. Biting me softly, I shuddered.

"Nick, please..."

"C'mon, baby, you can do it. Like this," he whispered. Taking my hand he pressed it against my heat, covering it with his own. His fingers splayed against mine as he moved our hands in tandem.

Slipping in the wet heat, our fingers dipped and stroked and I lost all track of time.

When did my hands take over? When did he move away? Lost in sensation, I felt him grasp the insides of my thighs and spread them apart. He was watching and I no longer cared. I only cared about finding the release I so desperately sought.

My head thrown back, my eyes were closed when I felt his mouth on mine. His tongue teased my lips apart and swept inside muffling my cries. On the brink of my climax, I began to tremble.

Pressing rhythmically against my back, his erection had swelled to near bursting.

"Come on, baby," he whispered. "Let it go."

Bright lights began to throb beneath my eyelids and every feeling centered in the flesh beneath my fingers.

"Ohgodnick ... oh ... I'm-"

"Look at me. Becca, Look at me."

Somehow, by some unseen power, I managed to tip my head just so ... our eyes met and the heat I saw there sent me spiraling into oblivion. Crying out, I felt my body spasm against my hand as a sticky warmth spread over my back.

"Oh sweet Jesus." Nick groaned, holding me tight.

Twisting around, I lay myself completely against him, pillowing my head on his chest. As our breathing returned to normal, I teased his bellybutton with my index finger.

"Hey," I whispered.

"Hey yourself. God, that was incredible." He pressed me closer.

"Feel better now?"

"Amazingly so," he grinned.

"Good. Because now it's *your* turn."


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