"And they all lived happily ever after."

"And ... that's a wrap." The producer's voice came over the speakers in the cramped recording studio, eliciting a sigh from the five men perched uncomfortably on high stools.

"Damn, I'm glad that's over with."

"Aww, c'mon, Nicky, it wasn't *that* bad."

"Yes it was, AJ, and *don't* call me Nicky."

"How about *Prince Nicky*?" He cackled maniacally, dancing in circles around the rest of the group.

"Bite me, AJ." Nick stomped off to the parking lot, leaving the others lagging behind, chuckling under their breath.

"No thanks, P.N., I don't like the taste of frog's legs," he called after him, pushing the boundaries of Nick's patience almost to the limit.

"*P.N.*?" asked Howie.

"Think, Howie. P.N., *Prince Nicky*."

"You're bad, Age."

"Yep, and ya'll love me just the same. Later." Cackling again, he hopped into his Mercedes convertible and took off.

"Nick, wait up." Kevin waved goodbye to the others, then took off after Nick. "Hey, slow down."

"I just wanta go home, Kev. I'm tired."

"I could help you relax ..." He grinned at the younger man, wagging his eyebrows suggestively, but to no avail.

The ride home was a silent affair, punctuated only by Nick's sighs and the squealing of the tires as he took each corner entirely too fast. Pulling into the driveway, he managed to stop the Durango just inches short of the garage door. Stomping into the house he tossed his keys on the table in the entryway and headed straight for the bedroom.

Kevin leaned against the wall of the stairway and sighed, following Nick with his eyes. This was going to be more difficult that usual.


The past three days had been spent recording a series of fairy tales for a Library Association promotion. Things had gone well the first couple of days, and no one even winced when Brian, Howie and Kevin were cast as the Three Little Pigs. As expected, AJ got to be the big bad wolf, and all five of them predicted that toddlers across the nation would be traumatized.

The tide turned with the reading of the final fantasy ... "The Frog Prince". No amount of cajoling could convince Nick of what an essentially lovely tale it was, because after AJ called him *Kermit* the first time through, it was all over. The boys read their parts convincingly, the young actress hired to be the princess was adorable, and Nick's transformation from frog to prince brought a tear to every eye in the control booth. And then AJ nudged him and whispered *ribbit*."

It took the other three to keep Nick from killing him right there.


Kevin heard a door slam, and the pipes squeak as the shower was turned on. Good. He smiled, turning for the kitchen and the chilled bottle of Zinfandel he had set aside that morning.

The master bathroom was filled with steam as he nudged the door open with an elbow, balancing the wine bottle and two crystal glasses in his hands. "Nick?"

"Go away."

"C'mon, Nick, you gotta come out sometime."

"Did that. Six months ago, remember? You were there as I recall."

"Very funny, loverboy."

"Yeah, I'm just a barrel of laughs today."

"Nick--" That's it. Enough of this bullshit. Stripping off his clothes, he tossed them into a pile in the corner, opened the shower door and stepped in.

Jumping at the sound, Nick dropped the bar of Zest, and totally oblivious to the effect he was having on Kevin, bent over to retrieve it.

"Shit, Nick, what the fuck are you trying to do to me?"

Looking up from his bent over position on the floor, his eyes traveled up and down his lover's body and he grinned. "Gee, Kev, need help with that?"

"Maybe. You know someone who's up to the task?"

Nick snorted. "You wish. What if I'm not in the mood?"

"I'd say you were lying, judging by *that* ..." He reached out, tracing one finger down the length of Nick's erection.

"Damn, Kev..." His eyes closed as Kevin's hand closed around him.

"Whatsa matter, Nick? You look pale."

He was almost panting now as Kevin's hand worked him steadily. "You know what they say ...ohgod..."

"No, Nick, what *do* they say?" He had soaped his hand and the combination of the slippery suds and the firm pressure of his fingers was driving Nick closer and closer to the edge.

"It's ... ohjesus ... it's not..."

"Not what, Nick?" He had dropped to his knees in the steamy heat, and his mouth was inches away from its destination. "Tell me." He licked the tip of his penis and felt it twitch against his tongue.

"God Kev ... they say ..." he wrapped his hands through Kevin's hair and held his head in place. He groaned as Kevin moved closer, taking in his entire length. His hips lurched forward, and with a strangled cry he said, "it's not easy being green."

Kevin laughed, forgetting momentarily where his mouth was, and nearly choked. As Nick began to rock steadily against him, Kevin began to hum. The vibration was amazing and if Nick had been able to keep his eyes open, his vision would have blurred.

"What the fuck ..." He planted his feet and tried to concentrate on the song. "Kev, what are you ..."

"Just listen," he mumbled, continuing the melody.

Finally it registered. With a strangled cry, he released himself into Kevin's mouth, the strains of "Someday My Prince Will Come" echoing off the tile walls.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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