by Becca O. rated NC-17

"This is perfect." The sound of my voice barely carries above the sounds of the ocean crashing against the rocks, but Nick hears me and pulls me closer.

"It is, isn't it?" His breath is warm against my ear, a contrast to the cool damp chill of the night air.

We have been sitting for what seems like forever, and I would be perfectly content to never move again. Our vacation is hours away from coming to an end and I dread the return home, dread the return to real life.

The ocean breeze blows my hair and Nick laughs as he moves it off his face and untangles a strand that has wrapped around mine, as well. It has been a long last day, and the chill in the air is intensified by the pink tinge the sun has leant to my skin.

"Cold?" he asks.

I shake my head, "Not any more." As the sun began to set, Nick had given me his sweatshirt. It was your standard, average athletic gray shirt, but it was huge. Kevin had laughed when I put it on, it swallowed me up and hung almost to my knees. AJ teased me about it too, because I'm so short, but once I reminded him about his lack of a substantial ass, he left me alone. I smiled as I remembered the conversation, leaning closer against Nick and sighing as I felt his lips on my neck.

"Almost time to head back to the hotel?" he asked expectantly, slipping his hands beneath the sweatshirt and stroking the bare skin of my stomach, reaching almost to the top edge of my bikini bottom.

I gasped and wriggled beneath his touch. "Soon, baby." I loved his touch, I craved it when we were apart, and when we were together like this, it aroused me unspeakably. Not twenty feet away were two of his best friends, and he knows what it does to me when he touches me in front of them. It has become a game of ours, touching, teasing without getting caught.

"So what time is your flight tomorrow?" Kevin calls out, and I cannot respond because Nick's fingers are between my breasts, untying the front of my top, his hands still hidden beneath the bulky gray fabric.

"Answer him," Nick whispers with a grin in his voice. Damn him, he knows what he's doing to me.

"Ten-thirty." I managed to squeak out my reply and Kevin is satisfied, for the moment.

Damn Nick anyway. His knees are drawn up by my side, shielding us somewhat from the eyes beside the fire, but his hands ... his hands have captured my breasts and are slowly driving me insane. I moan as he cups their weight, his thumbs brushing across the taut peaks until I shiver in his arms.

"Shh ..." he reminds me.

AJ is methodically poking at the fire with a piece of driftwood, and his casual comment comes from out of left field.

"You never answered my question."

"What question?" I bite my lip to keep from crying out as Nick's fingers tug gently on my nipples as he sucks on my neck.

"Last night. We were playing truth or dare and you bailed on us, Bec."

"It's a stupid game, and I was through." There was no way in hell he was going to get an answer out of me, and I didn't trust him enough to take a dare. Most of us, except for AJ and Brian, had had way too many fruity rum concoctions and the game was fast getting out of hand.

"I dunno," Kevin said lazily. "I'd have liked to have heard the answer to that one, myself."

"No Kevin, not in this lifetime or any other."

He grinned lazily at me, knowing exactly what Nick was doing and I wanted to wipe that smug grin right off his face.

AJ looked up and grinned, too. "But admit it, it was a great question."

"No, it sucked."

"No," Nick whispered, "I suck. If you're lucky." And then he licked my neck, laughing as I tried to move away from his touch.

"What was the question again?" Kevin asked, clearly baiting AJ.

"Well, let's see now..." he pretended to think. "Oh yes. I asked, 'If Nick let you go for one evening, no questions asked and no morning-after ramifications, which of us would you choose to have a threesome with?' Yes, I believe that was the question you ducked last night."

"Sounds about right," Kevin agreed, stretching back on his elbows and watching my face.

"I will NOT answer that."

"I will," Nick said with a smirk and my heart was in my throat. "I know exactly who she'd do because we've talked about it."

I pulled away abruptly, straightening my shirt that had gone askew. "That's not fair, I was drunk on my ass last night, Nick." I saw that there was no way to save myself so I began grasping at straws. "Besides," I added lamely, "Brian and Howie left an hour ago. Game's over." I brushed the sand from my hands and stood up, but before I could make a move to leave, I was surrounded.

"Brian?" AJ asked.

"Howie?" Kevin smirked.

"Bec, you're a lousy liar," Nick laughed. "Come on sweetheart, this is all in fun, don't be upset."

"Upset? I'm beyond upset, Nick." The flush that covered my face was more from dire embarassment than sunburn and hot tears stung my eyes. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, but had no wish to find out whose it was, whether Kevin's or AJ's. I just wanted to go back to my room and hide.

"But Bec," Nick asked, "what if ... what if we did it that way? You know, no questions, no morning-after shit... would you do it?"

I stared up into his eyes. The firelight was reflecting in them and the meaning and sincerity behind his words was beginning to register. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess I am," he said. "Look, you know I love you." I nodded at him. "And I know you love me."

"Of course I do, but-"

"And tonight, this is like a moment out of time or something. Tomorrow we go back to all the normal everyday shit, but tonight, tonight can just be about you and me and our fantasies." He rested his hands on my shoulders and I was so very tempted to believe him, to just give in to it all, but-

"Wait a minute. You said 'our' fantasies. I thought this was all about mine?"

Nick smiled and shrugged. "I've been thinkin'. Ever since we talked about it, I've been imagining what it would be like to watch you. To watch you with them." He looked up then, right at Kevin and AJ, and it was then that I knew I'd go through with it.

part 2

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