Tickle Me

How cute is *this?*?

Kevin stood off to the side, watching indulgently as Nick played with the multitude of Muppets that were strewn about the studio. It was times like this that he loved to simply stand back and observe. He smiled to himself, unable to reconcile the 6'2" *kid* that was currently in full snuggle with Elmo with the devastatingly sexy man that had caused him to scream in pleasure just hours earlier as they had made love in the early morning sunrise. It was just one of the many things that he loved about him, though ... his ability to let go and just be whatever the situation called for. With Nick there was no pretense, no stuffiness, just a youthful freedom that Kevin sometimes envied.

It got really old being the responsible one, the one who had to hold it all together when things were falling apart. Kevin supposed that's what he liked best about being with Nick, the fact that from their first time together, he'd been the one to take charge and initiate things. The dichotomy was amazing. Here was Nick the kid, and yet in a few short hours, Nick the lover would return. Kevin's mouth watered at the thought.

Sensing Kevin's eyes on him, Nick looked up at him and winked. He chuckled to himself as Kevin shifted uncomfortably, knowing full well that he could make Kev hard with just a glance. He planned to play this for all it was worth. Ever so lightly he licked his lips, never taking his eyes from his lover's and then laughed outright at the angry look that Kevin levelled on him. Time to play.

Kevin stood in stony silence, his arms folded across his chest as Nick approached, his hand inside Elmo. Biting back a smile, he simply waited. This should be good.

"Hi Kevin!" Elmo squeaked in his cute little high-pitched voice. Nick was obviously having a very difficult time keeping a straight face as he worked the muppet. The fact that Kevin was ignoring him was all the better, it meant his ploy was working.

"I don't think Kevin wants to play, Elmo," Nick said, looking into the big eyes of the muppet.

Elmo shook his head sadly as he looked up at Nick, then back at Kevin. "Kevin no like Elmo?" he asked softly, his furry mouth quivering with sadness.

"See Kev? Look what you did ... you made Elmo sad." Nick chastised Kevin, drawing a narrowed glance from his mentor.


"Kev-" he replied, mocking him. "Come on, be nice to Elmo, we're his guests today. Isn't that right, Elmo?"

"Uh huh," Elmo replied. "Elmo like new friends. New friends FUUUN!" He giggled and Kevin nearly lost it. "Nick says Kevin like fun, too." Elmo looked up at Kevin with an innocence that was in direct contrast to the hand making him work.

"Nick said that?" God, he was talking to a muppet about his sex life.

"Uh huh .... Nick said ..." Elmo leaned closer to Kevin's ear as Nick made conspiratorial whispering sounds.

"He told you that?" Kevin asked. As Elmo nodded his head, Kevin also leaned close, imparting secrets of his own. "Well, I bet he didn't tell you about the time-" Kevin whispered into Elmo's ear.

Elmo gasped via Nick. Nick played right along, continuing the conversation. "Nick did that?! Wow ... Elmo shocked."

"Know what, Elmo?" Nick said in a low voice. "Nick plans to do that again real soon. I bet Kevin's gonna like it. A lot." His eyes locked onto Kevin's and they both knew the game was over. Time to get the hell out of here and get on with it. Literally.

As politely as they could, they made their goodbyes, carrying their souvenir muppets through the lobby studio and into the waiting limo. Kevin moved to sit beside Nick, but was stopped cold.

"Not yet." Nick shook his head, looking out the window at the skyscrapers that crawled by in the slow downtown traffic.

"Nick-" Kevin whispered.

"Wait for it, Kev. Trust me." Nick looked at him then, his eyes filled with dark promise. "I know you don't like to rush ... we'll be home soon." Nick squeezed Kevin's hand, rubbing his thumb over the top as Kevin shivered.

Minutes felt like hours as the limo crawled its way through the congestion of the city and Kevin was beyond frantic when they finally reached their destination. To aggravate him even further, Nick stopped to sign autographs and talk to fans in the hotel lobby. To avoid appearing unfeeling or heartless, Kevin was forced to do the same catching Nick's eye and sending wordless messages.

Slowly, carefully, Nick mouthed "wait for it" and smiled.

The elevator crawled toward the penthouse suite, stopping on every damn floor on the way up. Nick knew just how to play the game. He sauntered lazily toward the door, his key card in his hand, as Kevin paced impatiently. Swiping the key card, he looked at Kevin and smirked.

"Impatient much?" Nick laughed as he opened the door, waiting for Kevin to follow him through.

The door had barely closed when Kevin found himself pinned against it, Nick's body pressing him into the wood. He gasped as Nick's mouth grazed his lips, just barely making contact as he whispered, "You ready, Kev?"

Kevin could only moan deeply as Nick's hips pressed against his own, rubbing against the hard on he'd had all morning. Kevin untangled his arms, wrapping them around Nick's back to hold him even closer as he strained toward greater contact.

"Yeah, I'd say you're definitely ready." Nick pressed his mouth to Kevin's, his tongue sweeping inside to stroke slowly.

Kevin's hands moved to Nick's hips, craving more, wanting to be closer.

Wrenching his mouth from Kevin's, Nick whispered "Wait for it Kev."

"Nick-" Kevin was practically writhing in his arms as he whimpered Nick's name.

"Soon, baby, soon," Nick soothed him, holding his face tenderly in his hands and brushing soft kisses everywhere. "You want this Kev? Hmm?" he whispered.

Kevin's hands tangled in Nick's blonde locks, angling his face for a bruising kiss as he attempted to take control. All thoughts of control vanished as Nick's hand grasped his erection and began to stroke him gently. Kevin shuddered, fighting to hold on as Nick's hand worked him relentlessly.

"Kev," Nick whispered, "take off your coat, and your shirt." His hand continued to work its magic as Kevin complied with his demands. The heavy fabric pooled at their feet as Kevin's nipples puckered in the cool air and he screamed as Nick leaned forward, taking one between his lips and tugging gently.

Nick's lips and tongue never stilled as he swiftly undid the fastening of Kevin's slacks, lowering the zipper with ease and pushing his pants around his ankles. Nick dropped to his knees, his eyes widening at the size of Kevin's erection beneath his boxers. "Damn-" he said, and leaned closer to nip gently at the swollen length. Kevin groaned, trying desperately not to come.

"Good boy, Kev," Nick murmured. "Wait for it." Agonizingly slowly he pulled Kevin's boxers over his hips, watching as his massive erection sprang free and bobbed towards his face.

"Please," Kevin whimpered. "Nicky, please-" All further sound was stifled as Nick took him in his mouth, sucking greedily at his flesh as Kevin tried to push himself deeper into Nick's throat.

Nick would have none of it. Holding Kevin's hips, he stilled him pressing him against the door and taking back control as he licked and sucked his eager flesh, one hand reaching between his legs to cup him gently. He felt Kevin begin to tense and pulled away, standing up.

"Nick-" Kevin moaned, his eyes glazed with desire and frustration.

God, he's beautiful, Nick thought as he looked him over from head to toe. His hair was in wild disarray, the band that held his ponytail long gone; his face was flushed and his breathing ragged; his cock was engorged and throbbing, standing out from the mass of dark curls between his thighs and begging for more. He was about to get what he wanted.

"Come on, Kev." Nick held out a hand, and when Kevin took it, he pulled him through the suite to the bedroom, tripping over a bag filled with stuffed Elmo dolls. Nick snickered, bending to retrieve one from the floor. Waving it in Kevin's face, he affected Elmo's voice once more.

"Elmo loves to laugh, Kev," he giggled. "Tickle me?" Nick grinned, his eyes sparkling.

Kevin's eye narrowed. "Tickle you? I'll tickle you ..."

"Promise?" Nick whispered lovingly. Kevin was speechless. Turning for the bedroom once again, Nick began to undress as he walked, leaving a trail of discarded clothing behind him.

Kevin watched in silence as Nick dropped his shirt to the floor, loving the way his back looked; smooth and tanned, his tattoos a sharp contrast to his otherwise flawless skin. His jeans were next and Kevin inhaled sharply as he realized Nick had foregone wearing underwear this morning and was also painfully hard. Thank god he hadn't realized that while singing this morning, surrounded by muppets and taping a kid's show. He was lost in his thoughts when he realized that Nick had turned to him and was grinning in amusement.

"Kev, you coming?"

"Not yet, Nick, you gonna make me?" he drawled.

"Oh yeah," he grinned. "More than once," he added, laughing as Kevin shivered.

In three strides Kevin was beside him, and Nick gave one small shove, pushing him onto his back on the bed and crawling between his knees. Nick stretched out along Kevin's body, the skin-to-skin contact leaving them both breathless and they kissed slowly as Nick wrapped his long fingers around Kevin's erection and began to stroke him. As they moved together, Kevin's hands roamed over Nick's back, finally cupping his bottom and pulling his hips closer.

"Slow down, Kev, make it last," Nick whispered, running his tongue over Kevin's chest and flicking lightly over his nipples. His teeth nipped at Kevin's rib cage and he chuckled softly as he felt the goose bumps on Kevin's skin. Kevin's hips rose off the bed as Nick removed his hand, and Nick said maddeningly, "Wait for it."

"Nick," Kevin groaned. "I need you NOW."

"Now, Kev?" Nick was between his thighs, looking up Kevin's body at the pure need written across his face.

"Please," he whispered, shuddering as Nick again wrapped his fingers around the base of his erection and held it steady. Glistening drops of moisture ran from the swollen tip as Nick bent forward and licked slowly up and down his length, teasingly running his tongue along the underside of the head as Kevin twitched in his hand. "Damn, Nick-" he screamed as Nick finally took him in his mouth, sucking greedily.

"Wait for it, Kev," Nick mumbled, moving his mouth away to blow gently on the moist flesh.

"NO!" Kevin shouted, pulling Nick around and over him. "We both go together, Nicky."

Nick groaned as he lowered himself to Kevin's face, never once stopping the motion of his hand and mouth and trembling as Kevin raised his head to take Nick in *his* mouth. Together they made a beautiful picture, their movements perfectly synchronized as they made love. As Kevin began to lose control, Nick pulled away just long enough to say, "Now, Kev. No more waiting."

Feeling Nick's lips around him once more, he let go, groaning against Nick's equally swollen shaft. As he came he instinctively sucked harder on Nick who in turn exploded into his mouth. In the aftermath they lay together, still turned to opposite ends of the bed, but each resting their heads on the other's thigh.

"Damn, Kev," Nick said, still trying to catch his breath.

"What, baby?"

"Who knew?" he asked in amazement.

Kevin laughed, gently stroking Nick's hip. "You mean who knew how erotic a doing kids' show could be?"

"I'm sayin'," Nick chuckled. "A muppet as a sex toy. That's just damn kinky."

Kevin rose above Nick, a gleam in his eyes. "You owe me another one. Tickle me, Nick?" he whispered.

Nick's voice rose to a high-pitched squeak. "Nicky loooves Kevin ..." And for the rest of the day, he set about proving just how much.


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