Touchdown, by Becca O.

For Fiona

Another story challenge! The picture used in the banner was the inspiration.
It was taken at the Super Bowl, on Nick's 21st birthday.
The challenge: "Share with us how the three of you celebrated."

Look up at the scoreboard.

I sat in the control booth and watched the field. I watched as Billy handed Nick and Kevin identical messages, and I watched as they did as requested. In unison they looked up, innocent, inquisitive looks on their faces, and as they did I signaled to the engineer that it was time. For the briefest of moments, my text appeared on the Jumbotron. No one else understood it, it was private, just for them. But they understood it. I watched as a secretive smile lit both their faces just as the music for the national anthem began.

My message? It was a simple one.

Yes. Tonight.

It had all begun right around New Year's.

"So Nick, you're gonna be twenty-one in a few weeks. Whaddaya want for your birthday?" AJ smirked, tipping his beer up to his lips.

Nick had looked over at me, and grinned. I know I blushed, I could feel the heat rising in my face and hoped, no, prayed he wouldn't answer, at least not honestly.

"Bec knows what I want," was all he said.

The others hooted and laughed, and I knew that whatever they were imagining wasn't even close to the secret desire that Nick had confided in me. My body still flushed with damp heat as I remembered just the way he said it.

I've always wanted to watch Kevin make love to you.

No, so what he really said wasn't quite that poetic.

I've always wanted to watch Kevin fuck you.

Dear god, the way he'd whispered it in my ear made it seem all the more forbidden and exciting. The fact that we were stark naked and tangled up in his satin sheets at the time made it even hotter.

"I think about what it would be like, and damn " He moaned and pulled me into yet another heated kiss, his erection pressing against my hip, his fingers sliding into me and finding me soaked and pulsing with renewed heat.

"Nick," I whimpered against his mouth as he stroked me, and for just a moment I let the visual seed he had planted in my brain grow and take root. I closed my eyes and Nick's fingers became Kevin's and I wondered what he would feel like buried deep within me. Was he a tender lover? Did he like it rough and angry? Was he bigger than Nick? Longer? Thicker? A vision of his emerald eyes burning into mine, and the thought of hearing my name on his lips as he came sent me careening over the edge. I came so very close to calling Kevin's name that it was a blessing that Nick chose that very instant to press his lips to mine and slide deeply into my willing body.

Holy god, was I even seriously considering this? I suppose I was.

I shook off the memories of that night as the crowd erupted into cheers and looked down at the field once more. I could see Nick's eyes scanning the stands, trying to find me. I shivered as Kevin leaned over to whisper something in his ear, and then I jumped as my cell phone rang.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"I'm I'm up in the stands," I whispered, and I could see him holding a hand over his other ear, straining to hear me.

"Baby, did you mean what you said?"


"Wow." He paused, still looking around and I saw him nod to Kevin. "Bec, come down here and meet me, baby."

"No! I mean I'll see you later, Nick. I need to go back to the house."

"But the party-"

"Go on to the party, Nick. Take Kevin with you, okay? I just I need some time to get ready. Be home by midnight."

"Bec, you're sure about this?"

"Yes, I am. Happy Birthday, Nick, " I whispered. "I love you."

"Oh baby, I love you too."

As originally planned, the guys stayed for the game and then headed to a local club, where the party was already in full swing. I was already on my way home as I'd closed the connection on my cell phone. Once there, I spent the next hours setting the scene, re-setting the scene and pacing. My thoughts were a mess. Was I doing the right thing? Did Nick really understand what was going to take place? My biggest fear was that the entire scenario would backfire and drive an irreparable wedge between us and ultimately tear us apart.

At precisely 12:15 I heard Nick's key in the lock and knew that whatever happened now was entirely up to me. Whispered voices sounded down the hall followed by footsteps, and I laughed softly as I heard them stop outside the master bedroom. After a moment's pause, they crossed the hall to the guest room where I was waiting. A soft, hesitant knock sounded and as I called out to invite them in, I was a little surprised when only Nick entered.

In silence, we looked at each other, the time measured by the breaths we took.

"Bec-" "Nick-"

We each laughed at the other's nervousness, leaning to rest our foreheads together.

"Bec, are you sure?" Nick asked me, his hands coming up to cup and frame my face.

"I think so," I said, being as honest as I could.

"Because if you're not-"

"Then all she has to do is say the word and we stop." A deep voice sounded from the partially opened door, and I caught my breath, knowing it was now or never.

Nick's hands were suddenly holding mine, squeezing them in encouragement as he stepped back to look at me and then over my shoulder at Kevin. He started to say something, but I pressed a finger to his lips and led him to the chair I'd prepared for him. My time at the house had been well spent; placing candles everywhere, setting the bed with the best sheets, my favorites: the burgundy ones with deep masculine tones. I'd moved the armchair close to the bed, giving Nick the best vantage point from which to enjoy his gift.

I felt Kevin's breath on my neck as moved behind me, and tipped his head to kiss my shoulder.

"I have one rule," I said, turning to look up into those deep emerald pools.

"Name it," he said with a nod, his hands stroking my arms.

"This is only for tonight, for Nick. It won't ever happen again."

He nodded in agreement, slipping his hands beneath my silk wrap and pushing it off my shoulders. As the fabric pooled at my feet, I heard Nick gasp as he sat with a thud.

Just as Kevin's mouth brushed mine, I heard him murmur, "Happy Birthday, Nick."

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