The Wakeup Call

The epilogue to my Truth or Dare trilogy.

I struggled to rise out of the fog of a sound sleep. I stretched, wincing at my sore muscles and then smiling as I remembered how they'd gotten that way in the first place. Oh yeah ... last night. Damn, that had been good. The whole evening had built up to Nick and I returning to our room, leaving a trail of clothing from one end of the suite to the other and then making love until we couldn't move. I remembered falling asleep in his arms. I remembered waking up in the dark, alone. I remembered... Holy shit. Was that for real, or did I dream it?

I rolled against Nick, snuggling my head on his shoulder as I tried to process it all. Wait, it seemed awfully light out. The morning sunlight was streaming through the partially opened drapes. Had we missed our wake up call? The clock was on my side of the bed, so I turned over to see what time it really was. I couldn't see the clock, because .... because Kevin was in the way? Oh dear god.... What do I do? Sneak out and leave them alone? Say something? I reached to pull the covers up under my chin and I was mortified to find that I was on top of the covers, stark naked with no way to crawl back under.

Okay, think. What to do? I could make a break for the bathroom and grab my robe. I could ... I could ...

"G'mornin' Bec," Nick mumbles against my shoulder, wrapping his arm over me and pulling my back against his chest and kissing the back of my neck.

I could die right now. I sigh, knowing there is no escape, because as Nick moves closer to me, Kevin begins to stir and ...

I feel a soft touch on my face, brushing the hair back away from my eyes.

"Mornin'," Kevin drawls and I can hear the smile in his voice.

"Morning," I squeak, refusing to open my eyes. Nick continues pressing light kisses on my back and I feel him reach over me toward Kevin.

"You okay this morning?" he asks him and I can hear the genuine concern in his voice.

"I could get used to waking up like this, if that's what you're asking," Kevin chuckles.

"I'm sayin'" Nick laughs.

I say nothing.

"Bec, you in there?" Nick asks, rising up on his elbow and trying to see my face.

"No," I say meekly. "Go away."

I feel Kevin shift on the bed. "I need to get back to my own room," he says.

"No, Kev, stay. Please?" Nick pleads. He gently rolls me onto my back and leans over me. "It's okay," he whispers, kissing my face softly. And then, so only I can hear, he says, "Nothing's gonna happen unless you want it to."

I can feel myself blush as I open my eyes, looking up into his crystal blue ones. They are so full of love that I want to melt. "Nick-"

He looks at me, but he speaks to Kevin. "She saw us last night."

Again, I can feel the blush cover my entire body even as I feel my thighs dampen at the memory. Nick knows what it did to me and he reaches a hand out to stroke my face. My eyes close at the sensation and I sigh as he leans over me and kisses me. His mouth moves over mine and his hand cups my breast, his thumb flicking my nipple to hardness.

"So soft. Baby, you're so soft," he sighs as his hand works its magic. "Kev, she feels so good." He kisses me again and I feel a strange hand, Kevin's hand, replace Nick's. His long fingers work upon me and I moan against Nick's mouth.

Kevin speaks. "We can stop any time, Bec, you just say the word."

God, his fingers tug at my swollen nipple and I cry out against Nick as Kevin's soft lips replace his fingers. I arch against his mouth, and Nick moves off of me, never breaking the kiss. I open my eyes to see Nick's fingers tangled in Kevin's hair as he suckles at my breast and another rush of heated moisture floods my thighs. I whimper and Nick captures my other breast as his fingers slide over my wet folds.

"Oh god, baby ...." he moans, sliding three fingers effortlessly in and out of me.

I am so gone, so far gone and damn this is incredible. Nick continues to pleasure me and suddenly Kevin is there, too, his index finger finding my swollen clit and circling it steadily. I am on sensual overload and I cry out as they speed up their movements, close to losing control. My hips arch against their hands and they both begin to urge me on.

"That's it, Bec, come on," Kevin whispers as he presses more firmly against me.

"Baby, you're so hot," Nick says. "Come for us. I know you want to."

"Nick-" I gasp as his fingers go even deeper.

"Show Kev how beautiful you are when you come."

Kevin adds, "Look at me Bec, open your eyes."

I do and it's all I can stand. With one more swipe of their hands, I'm there. I shatter beneath them, and I miss the look that Nick gives Kevin. A simple nod of his head, permission given, and Kevin is between my thighs and inside me. My orgasm is still pulsing my body as he holds himself deeply within me, riding it out and watching my face.

He fills me completely and at last I open my eyes as he begins to move.

"Holy damn," he sighs. "This is so good. So damn good." He presses even deeper within me and I lift my legs around his waist, opening myself even more to his touch. He groans, raising himself on his hands to sharpen the angle of his penetration. This is perfect, because Nick is there, kneeling behind my head, and he takes Kevin's mouth in a deep kiss.

"God," I shudder. From beneath them, I can see everything. I can see their lips as they meet, I can see Nick's hands in Kevin's hair and I can feel Nick's erection pressing against my hair. So intent are they on what they are doing, Nick doesn't even feel me move as I reach up to grasp him in my hand. I feel him tremble and I stroke him just a bit harder. "Nicky, move," I urge him closer and finally, I can taste him. The three of us are joined totally and it's like nothing I have ever experienced before.

"Oh fuck." Kevin groans above me and lifts my hips even higher, pounding into me faster and harder. Nick is close, too, but he pulls away and slides over beside Kevin, running his hand and lips along his back as he makes love to me.

The familiar tingling begins and I cry out. "Nick, help-"

He is there. He slides his hand between us and strokes me firmly as he lays his head on Kevin's back.

I feel him tug at my sensitive flesh and as Kevin explodes inside me, I come. The spasms overtake me and my walls drain Kevin and leave him breathless. He collapses against me, Nick's face still on his back, his breathing shallow.

"Finish him, Bec," Kevin whispers as Nick rolls to his back, his throbbing erection tight against his belly.

I happily comply, stopping only briefly to suck on the swollen purple tip and to chuckle perversely when he groans.

"Bec-" he gasps.

"Kevin, help me." I straddle Nick's hips and Kevin reaches out to pull his cock upright, holding him ready for me.

"Fuck!" Nick screams as he feels Kevin's fingers and I sink gratefully onto him, not stopping until he is buried fully within me. I close my eyes and stay, just enjoying the sensation, but finally the need to move is too much. I ride him, rising up and away before sinking back, time and again.

"Faster," he begs, but I'm not fast enough.

"I can't," I whimper.

"Please?" he begs me once again and I am helpless.

"Come on, baby," Kevin is there behind me, his hands on my hips, helping to set the pace that Nick so desperately needs. His hands raise me quickly and I barely have time to settle until they lift me once more. Yes. God, yes. I shiver as I feel Nick begin to tremble beneath me.

"Almost," he groans. "Almost baby."

"Nick-" I sink against him as I feel him swell within me and as he shoots his seed deep within me, Kevin's hands are between my thighs, tangled deep within my slick folds and I come. I scream someone's name, maybe both of them, as Kevin holds me to his chest. The only sound in the room is our labored breathing as we attempt to process what we've done.

We fall to the bed, our legs entangled and our hands reaching for each other's as our breathing finally slows.

"What happened to our wake up call?" I finally ask.

"I cancelled it," Nick smirks.

"I have to say, this was much nicer than a phone call," Kevin says seriously.

It's too much, and before we know it, all three of us are laughing at the scenario we've created. "You may have something there, Kev. Think we can market it?" I ask, trailing my fingers over his sweaty chest.

"No way in hell. We keep this one to ourselves." Kevin stopped to think. "So Nick, no more dares? You got this outta your system now?"

Nick smirked. "No way, man. If it ends up like THIS did, I'll be thinkin' up a few more."

The last thing Nick saw before Kev dumped him in the hall naked was me, waving good bye and calling hotel security.

~The End~

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